Well IMHO 343i wont do this!

It does not look like 343i is going to get off the butt’s and put in Halo 2, Halo 2A and Halo 4 in Halo MCCI. have not seen nor read anything they are going to include it in Halo MCC. IMHO 343i does not want to add them in Halo MCC otherwise we would have read or heard by now. How messed up is that??? :rage:


I think you are referring to adding Halo2/2A and Halo 4 to the Custom games browser which they are doing with this update. All games will now be supported in the CGB.

I think you need to be more specific.

I have not seen or read anything stateing that 343i is going to add those games to the custom game browser. If you have a link I would like to read about it!
It’s been over a year since we got the Custom Game Browser and we still don’t have those games in the Custom Game Browser.

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Why don’t you boot up the game yourself. I took a look earlier and they are all there. Additionally the blog update today said as of today all games are supported.

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Thanks you have been very helpful!