Well I Finally Got The ODST Helmet

I would be excited about this, but sadly i’m not. Why? Because I can’t wear it since I don’t have the pass. All that work and I don’t get to wear my favorite helmet. 343, you could have made it so challenge swaps and XP boosts require the pass and the armors be free. Or like, have it so those who purchase the pass get all the items at once while us free players have to earn the armor by playing. Just because it’s free to play doesn’t mean you can lock legacy sets and a bunch of colors behind a paywall. It’s seriously a let down. People finally love the gameplay in a Halo game you made, but then you take away the customization and lock it behind a paywall, which upset many.


There are plenty of things to be upset about with this game, but I don’t feel like the battle pass isn’t one of them. The progression in Infinite is an absolute joke, but the BP itself is fairly decent.

That would be a terrible business model.

That’s exactly what it means, actually. 343 might not have invented colors or designed the ODST helmet, but it’s their game and they can put whatever they want in the battle pass. Having a BP is pretty much a requirement for any modern AAA multiplayer game in 2021/2022, especially one that’s F2P. You’d be hard-pressed to find another F2P game with a battle pass that’s also free. As nice as it sounds, the reality is that that’s just not how it works.

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Sucks that it’s not even the ODST helmet from Reach either, it’s the one from H3.

How is that the case?

I think everyone who bought campaign should get the battlepass for free but if you’re a full F2P I don’t think you should be getting any Reach armors.

Is it? I thought it looked funny on the Mk V[B] armor but I thought that was because I just don’t remember what the ODSTs in Reach looked like and my H3 multiplayer SPARTAN on MCC is full on ODST but that armor fits differently so I wasn’t sure.

The MEDIC! achievement image is of one on a Mark VII core. The shoulder pads in the picture are already part of a $5 bundle. The leaked Tactical event for spring shows an earnable Mark V Zeta Helmet so my bet is they’ll sell a $10 ODST helmet bundle of it since tactility is thematic with the ODST and CQC units. Or maybe its part of that events pass, im surprised we got two helemts out of the tenrai event pass so maybe the Mk.VII ODST is in that.

Also, That achievement is also about reviving teammates in elimination modes so its fitting that when we are due for some new modes in the next month or so, the most noteworthy of the missing achievements sounds like a more hardcore, tactically focused game mode.

The Mark V[b] core is definitely the core they’re using for H3/Reach stuff. Should be mentioned tho that reaches ODST helmet has details for primary/secondary colors (the big ole stripe’s on the top) so I think a lot people are used to seeing that distinction where as the Base coats dont do that too much.

Also, I dunno, i wouldn’t say its GOTTA be THAT helmet from THE reach MP. Buck wasn’t even a spartan during reach and the ODST helm has always had a slightly different look depending on if its on a player character or an AI trooper in the respective campaigns of Halo 3 and Reach.

Yeah, if you have MCC you can see the differences in them or you can search Google for “ODST Evolution” with a 2D representation of the helmets over the years. I don’t know why they decided to go with the H3 one when it’s called Heroes of Reach, but I get that it’s not that big of a deal. I just prefer the Reach ODST helmet over the one from H3, at least it’s not one 343’s designs from H4/5. xD

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