Well Done 343 💪

Honestly… you guys have nailed it! I can’t see why so many people would complain unless they just suck at the game lol, The ranking system works a treat and I play people the same skill set as me. I’ve worked up to diamond 4 currently. The maps make a fair game and it’s brought back the old styles we all missed :smiley: I havnt found many Xbox players yet mostly pc, and boy do they moan haha although they seem to have mastered no scoping :joy: love crossplay! There’s more variety to play! Literally my ONLY problem is that cross play comms when I’m a party can be iffy, but this can be solved by starting a party which Xbox and pc can Both do with each other. So it’s a 9/10 from me for multiplayer :smiley: roll on campaign release!

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:grinning: Glad you are :upside_down_face: enjoying the game (Halo :innocent:) as well! :crazy_face: :blush: