Welding spawns and weapons

I’m not so much worried about the weapons but I desperately need to figure out a way to weld spawn points to the elephant I’m making. Anyone know how to do this? I’ve looked all over the net and haven’t found anything yet.

Also my welded vehicles seem to be falling apart after I end then restart a forge session… so many unanswered questions. If someone could come up with THEE definitive vehicle welding guide that would be really appreciated.

I sincerely hope 343 developes forge to include many more features. It will definitely keep a good amount of players active over the years until we see H6.

This was my initial idea when rhe mentioned welding and scripting, to make a spaceship map with the ship actually slowly moving the entire time.

Can you script hand weapons to fire from a certain location? I wanna make custom turrets.

Did you ever figure out how to weld spawn points to objects?
Cause I have come across the same problem.

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