Welcome to the UNSC BlueTeam - SII MasterChief

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Welcome to UNSC BlueTeam!

  • **For your information, THIS IS NOT A CLAN, This is a Group of Average gamers.**This is SII MasterChief here, Commander of the team.
    We are a Spartan Company that is constantly active and always accepting new members our requirements and guidelines are pretty simple.

  • > Note : This Spartan company has had issues with a group of " kids " who have made threats against me ( SII MasterChief ) and anyone with LORE Based Game-tag’s, The threats were, that I am / We are in Violation of Using Halo lore based gamer-tag’s and that there are " Fake Spartans " in this Company and have not went through proper training by " StratWarCom " < Website < If you receive a message by them or by Central Command which is a Spartan Company, Then report them. All they want are our gamer-tags, They say they work for 343 Industries / Bungie and Microsoft. . . They Don’t.
    > So report them and Block them.
    > - Master Chief Out

UNSC BlueTeam Guidelines

  • I like to keep things clean and stay on top of things, So that goes for you as well. - Your K / D. . . Yeah, that doesn’t matter to me, what matters is if you can hit your target or follow directions. - If you join us, then you can still earn rewards through us / ME ( SII MasterChief ) . . . How? Well tell your friends about us and recruit them, If you prove to me that you recruited them and they can vouch for it, then I will personally send you a $3.00 redeem code which is equivalent to = 1 Gold req pack. - Trash talk? My ears are covered, But if Im addressed about it and find out who did it, Then your more likely to be Discharged. / Booted. - We will compete against other Spartan Companies. But that will depend on who is all online, So don’t start something with another company and expect us to back you up if your called out. - Our Company is LORE BASED, So you can change your gamertag to a Halo Name. - This Spartan Company forum is subject to the Forum Guidelines, Xbox Live Code of Conduct, and the Xbox Live Terms of Use. Please report any posts or threads that violate these rules.
  • UNSC BlueTeam Requirements*
  • Mic? I prefer if you have one, If you don’t, thats okay, as long as you know what your doing and you follow commands. - If you receive a letter / message from Command, Then reply to it, We trying to stay as an active company, after that message or letter is sent out and don’t hear anything from you, Then within 72 hours we will more likely discharge you from the Company. - Your opinion matters! If you have something to say, speak up, were hear to listen as well.So ask yourself Spartan, Will you step or Will you leap?
    - Master Chief
    - UNSC BlueTeam