Welcome to Recruiting!

Welcome to the Recruiting forum!

Are you a Lone Wolf looking to join a pack? Are you looking for fellow battle-hardened Spartans to join your clan and fight alongside you? Regardless of your Halo-related purpose, if you are looking for others to join you, the Recruiting forum is the place to advertise. This is the proper place to recruit others for:

  • Achievements
  • Clans
  • Challenges or Tournaments
  • Map Testing
  • A few friendly games on Matchmaking
  • Machinimas

There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:

  • Each clan is limited to one recruiting thread
  • Clans may bump their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences)
  • One additional thread may be made for challenges and tournaments

Similar to all other sections of our forums, the Recruiting Forum is also subject to the Forum Rules.

If you are wondering whether a certain topic or activity is already being discussed, please use the search function to find if a thread exists. This will help reduce the amount of redundant and duplicate threads in the forum.

We hope you enjoy the Recruiting forum!