Welcome to Halo Insider - Update 4/4/19

Hello Insiders!
As you may have noticed, a welcome email began rolling out yesterday to everyone who has signed up for the Halo Insider program. Due to the very large volume of emails, this will be rolling out over a few days as we continue to establish our email systems and ensure we don’t get flagged by ISP spam filters. We wanted to take this opportunity to welcome everyone, test our email system, and give Insiders a way to ensure that they are in fact able to receive our emails (otherwise when we do start flighting invites, we won’t be able to reach you).


We are getting closer to kicking off the first flights on Xbox One and PC but we’re not quite there yet. We will let everyone know when the first flight emails do start going out via posts in this forum (and we’ll echo across social, etc…). I know I’ve said this a few times in a few different places, but I wanted to stress again that the first flights will be intentionally limited in scope. Only a small percentage of the huge Halo Insider population is going to get into these initial flights. Much like we did with MCC last year, we will be starting small and expanding the audience over time in subsequent flights. We know everyone is super eager and excited to jump in but we have to approach this in phases and keep the group manageable and aligned with the specific needs for a given flight. We have a lot to work through beyond just the game build itself - the process of building out the flight audience, communications, logistics, entitlements and delivery of the build, etc… is quite complex and we want to “walk before we run.”

Ultimately it is our hope that eventually everyone who wants to participate in a flight will get a chance to. But until then, I just want to help manage expectations and we ask that you please be patient - bombarding us here or on social will not change your odds of getting selected. And we also wanted to remind everyone that the Halo Insider program is more than just flighting - research surveys will also periodically be sent out allow an opportunity for you to share your personal thoughts and feedback to help the team with all manner of Halo franchise initiatives.

So, how are things going on the development front? Quite well! Internal playtests of Halo: Reach are well underway on both Xbox One and PC with a focus on bug fixes and polish. We’ve also got some folks starting specific focused play around mouse/keyboard controls for PC as we would like to get that in a pretty good place before we get it into Insider’s hands. This will be a huge area of focus throughout development and definitely something we will look to the Insiders for input and feedback.

Last week I indicated that we would likely lead with Xbox One over PC due to it being slightly ahead but as of this week I’m not so sure that will be the case. This project is fluid, with a lot of dependencies and pieces in motion, so things are bound to shift back and forth as we inch closer to the first external flights. I’m told the PC build is coming along great though a major milestone to get the PC specific UI in place is still on the horizon and is one of the gating factors for it going out to external flighting.

We know everyone is eager and excited to learn more and get hands-on. We’re eager and excited, too! Hang in there, as we’ve said, this is a journey that will take some time.
Thanks for joining the Halo Insider program and joining us on this journey!

I’m looking forward to playtest Halo Reach on Steam, and then provide valuable feedback. With that, take your time to improve PC port optimization.

I am really, REALLY looking forward to playing Reach on PC. I can’t wait to see how everything looks at 4K60 on my rig. I am ready to jump into custom games and a Legendary playthrough ASAP! Also I am glad to see that your new email system is working and that it is a possibility that the PC flight may not come quite so far after the Xbox One flight.

Do we have to buy the game before the insiders release? How and where (i suppose on Steam) will we download the parts of the games for insiders?

Anyway, thanks for the new,
A friendly french.

Pretty excited, hoping I can help do the flights for xbox but If I get PC itll be a fun time. Ive played reach alot with my friends so thankfully I remember alot of reach and what couldve been improved. Thanks for having us all in here peoples, its nice to actually be able to help with this stuff as a game dev student myself.

Where is a good place to let y’all know if we haven’t received the welcome email? (My brother and I still haven’t gotten it)

really excited for this!

Looking forward to this!!!

Hell yeah bois :smiley:

Glad to be back. Let’s do this.

Spartans never die… they’re just waiting for Halo to come back to PC on Steam.

Im Ready for join on the test!

I hope I get in, lots of time to play + test!

It’s been so long since I played a Halo game! Flights are starting soon and to prepare, I’m booting up my 360 and playing a bit of Halo 3!

Not being one to draw parallels, but as a Destiny PC player, if 343 can port the game half as well as Vicarious Visions did, Halo on PC will be a success.

> 2533274902062560;6:
> Where is a good place to let y’all know if we haven’t received the welcome email? (My brother and I still haven’t gotten it)

Give it another day or two, they’re going to roll out over time. And be sure to check your junk/spam folders, lots of people saying it’s landing there for them.

cant wait for this

> 2533275012735448;4:
> Do we have to buy the game before the insiders release? How and where (i suppose on Steam) will we download the parts of the games for insiders?
> Anyway, thanks for the new,
> A friendly french.

There’s no way to buy the game yet so don’t worry - the flighting builds that will be sent out don’t require a purchase. Insiders who are chosen to participate in flights will receive full instructions for how/where to get the build installed - It will be uniquely tied to your Microsoft account (Xbox) or SteamID (PC).

So just to be clear… Stalking 343 and it’s employees WON’T help?

Whoops… Umm… :grimacing:

In all seriousness I think we are all pretty excited. Thanks again for the work you are doing!