Welcome to Halo 4 thread

Where we beat a dead horse so hard we turn it around and make it relevant again! If you take a quick look outside we have more post of bad connection problems, A staple of Halo forms sens Halo 3 and Xp limit post. Soon there will be more people Wanting something from Halo 3 in Halo 4 or even something from Reach and again someone comparing the perks to COD again.

Over the week we will see a flooding of joke threads and people proclaiming they speak the truth like a priest on a saturday morning or people proclaiming to quit and yet still owning the game. Please stay tuned as more “This weapon is OP” and "I hate this gametyp"e reports are on the way, This is Halo 4 thread news!

Leo did you know that Reach and Halo 4 copied COD?

Leo did you know that your name sounds like lol and that you shouldn’t make threads like these because they’re funny?

Leo did you know that the halo perks copied COD? i mean halo did NOT have perks for ten years ya know :wink: thats kinda new to the halo universe and perks became famous through COD. and the first 3 halo games were the ones that were played the most by their fans!! :wink: did you know that??

Did you know that the population in the top two playlists has plummeted from 400,000 + to about less then 140,000 and yet the game is apparently fine?

There’s a fun fact.

The facts prove halo 4 is failing!! just like reach! and it seems to me the best 343 can do is fix a wall glitch every monday! hahaha pathetic

you piece of sh it cu nt b itch mother fu cking a ss wipe ni gger co ck sucking va gina

did you know that pizza is a vegetable?

did you know marry had a little lamb?