Welcome to Discourse!

Welcome everyone to the new Halo Waypoint forums!

As a long time user, I am very excited for this update and while I know it’s different, I hope you all will enjoy it as well.

There’s some new hotness, some things are in different places, and some functionality has changed but it’s the same Halo Waypoint forums with a facelift!

As a reminder, existing posts will be brought in at a later date so please don’t panic!

In the meantime, if you have questions about Discourse and/or the forums, please ask them here! We’ll be watching your feedback and while I can’t guarantee anything or make any promises, I am reading and watching and taking notes!

Much love!

PS – I (as in snickerdoodle) have thoughts, plans, and ideas for future forum stuff so as time goes on, keep an eye out for those updates! <3


These are AWESOME! Absolutely love all the shine :slight_smile: Cannot wait to play some more Infinite!!


Now wheres the Cookies and ice cream we where promised?!?!


Seems pretty cool, glad to see so much changing for the Halo community. Hopefully all goes well leading up to Infinite.


This looks great! Can hardly believe this is the same website.

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This looks so amazing
I can’t wait for infinite

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Happy to be here! And I am especially happy to hear existing posts will be brought in later.

Here’s to the next chapter of the forums!


Was a little scared after seeing all the old posts disappear but relieved to hear they are on the way.


I don’t think the new Waypoint lets you see achievements. That seems to be a missing thing that I’d love back. I used Waypoint to monitor what achievements I still have to get in MCC.


Hey is with anyone else that you are on some else’s account

am I in my account now

So is our username different to our Gamertag?

Also, is there a way to make new comments at the top rather than the bottom?

Spartans! Are you ready for Halo Infinite?

Sir, Yes! Sir! …Spartan T72 all hyped UP… Sir!

Not intended – we’re looking into it!


So then will people who have changed their username have it reverted to their Gamertag?

Yep, that’s the goal. :slight_smile:


This is deffo going to take some getting used to thats for sure! But hey learning is part of the fun! :smiley: Cant wait to learn so I can get to posting more regularly!

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Incredible update and I’m loving the new darker look!
Excited to visit more often! :smiley:

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Would be nice to get the old badges added back in :slight_smile: