Welcome home to REDWATCH

Are you a very talented player who finds himself frustrated with the terrible teamwork and play style in random teammates? Or perhaps you’re a player who isn’t quite at the skill level you want to be and want to reach your full potential. Or you may even be satisfied with your skill, but wish to make new friends who can play Halo with you. If any of these sentences describe you, then there is a place for you in REDWATCH. REDWATCH is a year old platoon inside the Halo community Forerunner Conflict, the longest running Halo war simulation community in existence. With members around the world, REDWATCH and FC are able to give you many friends and teammates you can always play with at any time of the day. Interested in getting better? You will be free to take part in REDWATCH’s dozens of training maps and REDD’s training camps where you can learn from top players. And for the competitive nature in all of us, you will be able to take part in weekly battles against other teams who work together, adding a whole new dimension to Halo. You’ll never look at it the same way again. And that’s not all. You will find that the website has forums for people no matter your interest. Like sports? Feel free to discuss them in the forums or make wagers using in game money you earn from participating. How about Writing? There are stories and folklore galore on the site and roleplaying games constantly taking place. I can already hear you saying “Awesome, what are the requirements to get into this?” They are very simple. First and foremost, we are NOT a clan, and welcome all clans and groups into our ranks. We also don’t have a required uniform or gamertag, although REDWATCH does wear a certain emblem during official events. We do have some very talented players, but skill isn’t important to us. We’ll make you good. All we care about is finding kind, devoted players who will be respectful so that everyone can have fun together. For that reason, we do not allow things such as teabagging, donkey punching, or trash talking during battles and official practices. If you think you want to have a good fun time and open up realms of Halo play you’ve never considered before, then come join your brothers in REDWATCH. Just enlist with REDD army and tell them that Deaf sent you. Welcome Home. I’ll see you on the battlefield my friends.

Staff Sergeant DeafOrangutan91 out