Welcome find out who we are

Us we brought the greatest, and we hold strong. A community of gamers to form as a unit known as Rebellion Gaming. Our purpose to provide a structure so that no matter if you create maps grind competitively or just a casual player we have a place for you At RBG.
To give you an insite on what I mean I’ll clarify exactly what RBG is and why you should join us. Rebellion Gaming is a gameing group which is structured similar to a military. To be clear we are not a clan (clans are typically a bit stricter and have a lot more policys than we have). Basically a creator watches over the intire community. A division per game and 8 squads per division. Each squad Can be around 50 to 100 players with each squad 1 general. We are in a squad, RBG currently has two squads in Halo 5 Nebula and Orien.
In these squads we host meetings Monday through Friday @8:00est. In these meetings each night usually assigned to various things such as Custom games night or Warzone night. We have competitive teams as well as recently a Forge team which we create content for the community.
A few things that I thought to mention that we have a YouTube Channel: Rebellion Gaming and a website:Rbgcommunityinc.com.If you are interested and would like to join message me at my gamertag PrometheanMan for more information on how to join and when I will be available.
Any questions you may have just comment below.