Weirdness with hit detection

Hey everyone, is anyone experiencing issues with hit detection? I’ve got multiple clips of hitting someone with an energy sword, rockets, or Bulldog and it just not having an effect.

Is it desync? Lag? Like I’ll break someone’s shield, then bash, and nothing. I get the lunge animation, I get the sound of hitting them, but they don’t go down.

Same with the Bulldog, sometimes I can shoot and bash and they die, but other times I’ll shoot them twice, then bash, and their shield isn’t even gone (so I assume the bash didn’t connect).

And I can’t recreate these scenarios if I go into a custom game, so I assume it has to be network-related, right?

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Sounds like a bit of lag. Only had hit issues a few times but I was laggy in other games that night too so I think it was just my connection.

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The Azure servers are probably struggling under load imo. They need to upgrade the infrastructure.

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