Weird visual bug on the Tip of the Spear mission

Video is here:

Has anyone else experienced this recently? I’m running through each Halo game ahead of Infinite and this is the first time I’ve come across this issue, but it recurred throughout the whole mission.

Hopefully it’s a new MCC bug and not a problem with my console!

your not alone and it’s not just tip of the spear, iv’e had it on other reach levels and it started after season 8 came out.
Iv’e done a ticket for it and they have passed the videos I sent to the developers, it’s just a waiting game as to when it will be fixed, you could send ticket too if you like.
I’m having it on series s.
Kind of annoying as been truing to get through the par scores, somehow managed to get the package, tip of the spear and oni sword base done even with the graphics problems lol

I’ve also had this issue on the Tip of the Spear mission.

It must have been caused by the recent update as when I played the mission two to three weeks ago it was fine (I’ve been going for the Reach playlists achievement).

I’m playing on the Series X. I tried the mission on my One X and as far as I can tell the issue did not occur.

EDIT: I meant to also say that on the following mission (Long Night of Solace) I experienced another graphical glitch. In this case it was the buildings in the background as you moved down the beach; the buildings seemed to do this weird thing where they got sort of smeared across the skyline briefly…I appreciate that this is not the best description.