Weird things Changed in Infinite

I’m just going to make a list of changes I find weird or am asking myself “why did they change this” items.

  1. Armor customization
  2. UI navigation
  3. Friend or foe system
  4. Particle effects or lack thereof
  5. Rocket launcher doesn’t zoom
  6. No player collision
  7. The hud layout
  8. Grenades don’t go nearly as far, less accurate.
  9. Omission of classic weapons or weapon functions.
  10. Why did they change the name of SWAT to Tactical Slayer? (EDIT)

Thats about it. Feel free to comment on my list or add your own items.


I just realized you can’t zoom with the rocket. Crazy. Zooming in would help sometimes so I guess they wanted to Nerf it to the ground. It’s already weak


It always zoomed in the past, and I believe in some games it locked on to vehicles.


Initiate Spiderman pointing meme




Reduced radar distance
No Proper progression based on statistics
No viewable weapon or player stats
No viewable medal chests
No forge
No co-op
No replay able missions

I just don’t understand these changes, based on feedback from halo 4 and 5 how can they justify this without the fan base asking for it. I also don’t accept this 10 year work in progress or waiting in between seasons for things to be added. These core features should have been there at launch and NEW ideas and features added as time progresses


How 'bout the lack of friendly characters in campaign!? When they heard more Chief, they equated that to removing every other character. Chief shines more being the only one in the spotlight; they thought.


Tin foil hats. They changed the name of SWAT because of the current perception of police.
I will save the UI pretty much changes every game so it ain’t too bad.
As for the armour, it’s for money and the weapons and vehicles are so they have content for later seasons.


What do you by “medal chests”?

That’s exactly why they did it

the ability to see medals, what’s required to get them, how many you have obtained etc, like overkill and steaktacular. If you look at service records for Reach, halo 4 and 5 etc its available. Even here on this website you can view service records for halo 5 and MCC and see medals earnt, but not for Infinite…I find that a strange change and omission

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You’re probably right, but they haven’t updated in MCC or Halo 5. Its stall called SWAT. You would think if its that big of an issue they would update it across the board.

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Welcome to the party of Veteran players that have been trying to process that same logic for the last few months.


I think it’s because there’s audio of Jeff saying SWAT.

Why did they ruin the radar and why is the strafe acceleration so high?

Those are two of my favorites.

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Preach. Ruins the flow of the game for me.


6 years to make the foundation for a 10 year game.
16 year game?
(x) doubt


I agree with most of this, but I don’t see a problem with the HUD layout. SWAT name was changed because of the nature of the beast. It’s to avoid any potential controversy.

Cops are so scary cause they say so on the tv : (

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Watch out before some 343 riders tell you to get good. I’ve literally had lames tell me to stop letting the game coddle me when radar has been 25m for nearly two decades :sob::sob: