Weird Sensitivity

Is it just me, or is Halo 5’s look sensitivity completely jacked? When I first started playing, it felt extremely slow, so I went to turn it up, but even at 10, it feels extremely clunky and awkward to me. In the previous games, 7 was the perfect sensitivity for me, but anything below 10 feels slow, and now even 10 feels weird. 10 doesn’t necessarily feel slow, per say, but… just plane freaking weird. Whenever I go to aim at a target, my reticle seems to stick to my target, which throws me off completely, I’m much more used to leading my reticle, so when it “magnetizes” to the target and slows down, I immediately try to speed it up so I can look where I want, and I end up doing a 180. Am I the only one experiencing this? What are your thoughts?

It’s because of the turn acceleration. It’ll be addressed in a future update with customizable look settings.