Weird Glitch when accessing the in-game settings!!

Greetings fellow Spartans and devs.

I came across a really weird glitch when I was testing Halo Infinite yesterday. Whenever I wanted to change something in the settings and clicked on the settings box a weird discoloring effect happened on my screen.
I am pretty sure its not my PC’s fault, since I have not had any problems such as this one in other games.
Nevertheless, I managed to screenshot it even though it was too fast for the human eye to fully notice.

I do not know how to pin it in this forum post so I am waiting for your replies. We need to get the devs to take a look at this.

Thanks for your time,
Fellow Spartan

I have this as well, it actually spooked me but knowing that its not just me gives me a sigh of relief.

It was a weird pink/blue color that showed up for a millisecond or so.

Also, upload your picture to imgur and post the link, i think that should work