Weird glitch happening on Xbox One S

This has happened twice in 12 hours when I was playing Multiplayer where suddenly the game froze then the Xbox completely shut off,
This has never happened before and only started when the Season 6 update dropped and was installed.

I’ve had this happen to me with both Halo 5 and MCC several times prior to season 6, also on an Xbox One S.

I guess the console just says “nope” for some bizarre reason.

This has been happening for awhile now, long before season 6.

game freezes n keeps playing audio from last thing that happened(vehicle sound, birds chirpin, etc). Xbox shuts off.

game freezes, makes this violent brrrr sound, then xbox shuts off.

seems to mainly happen in CE for me. Had it happen on the One X, n now it sometimes happens on Series X

ive read on forums its somethin to do with the xbox os, but i dunno if thats the real reason so dont take this as fact.

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