Weird Forge bug in Halo 3.

I’ve noticed that the budget increased after a few updates ago on Halo 3, but for some reason I can’t utilize the entire budget. I get a small message that says “Cannot place item, too many on map”. Is there anyway to bypass this bug or anything? If not where would I go to report it?

Thanks -J

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Not quite a bug, but definitely a pain point. Every map in Halo 3 has a fixed amount of forge items that can be placed. Let’s just say it’s 512 items (I don’t know the real number). This value is hardcoded into the map file and would be a complicated update to increase.

There is a small workaround to get a few more items out of your maps. The forge objects on a default map layout do not count toward the object limit. For example utilizing the default forge objects on foundry or sandbox would enable you get a dozen or so more items before hitting the cap. Be aware that deleting default items does not lower your item total.


Does deleting placed items lower the total?

If it was an item you placed yes the count will decrease if deleted. If it was an item from the default layout no it does not.

To oversimplify this you can think of the default forge objects layout as not contributing to the item count. Once deleted from the default layout there is no way to “respawn” the object again without restarting your forge project from the default map.

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