Weird box glitch

I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this and it’s a really useless glitch as far as I could see but thought I would bring it up anyway. So I was messing around on forge after getting distracted half way through making an infection map when I decided to start moving a crate around I eventually put it against a wall and started spartan charging it repeatedly and found out that I was hurting myself so I continued doing doing it until I had a miniscule amount of health left and then got to the point where i had no health left and both bars were flashing. If for whatever reason you want to do this yourself here’s how:
Get a wall ( I had a 2x64x128; clear glass)
Get a crate (4.5x5.5x5; unsc; large)
Get a floor (128x128x2)
Repeatedly spartan charge it whilst pushed up against wall and you now can damage yourself via crate
(If you can’t get it work try the map I did it on which is on my file share called: Zombies in Space)

thats kinda a funny glitch, not much real use but oh well. it seems like what your doing is pushing the crate into the wall, obviously the game doesnt want that to happen so the wall pushes back, moving the crate back to where it was originally, moving into you, and damaging you.