Weightless Ground Vehicles

Some of the vehicles- especially the Warthog, but also the Chopper and the Mongoose- seem incredibly weightless and frictionless. I’ve even heard the phrase “Lube Hog” being thrown around in reference to the Warthog in it’s current state.

Controlling them might be slightly easier on controller than with M+KB in my experieince, but in any case they feel like they are way too ready to leap off the ground, as if filled with helium. Making contact with map geometry accentuates the slippery nature of the vehicle’s physics, and causes them to bounce into a roll quite easily. It really comes at odds with the sense of weight and power the sounds and aesthetic of the Warthog seem to be trying to convey.

Who else here has accidentally fired a Brute Chopper out of orbit just by boosting off a modest ant hill?


I haven’t, but biting the lip of a small incline is enough to send your warthog flying off a ledge in behemoth.


I have the same issue. I’m a controller user. Had to go into the settings and add the option for extra steering. Feels a little better control wise, but they are still floaty.

I was watching the Halo mythbuster stuff the other day and some of the vehicle stuff is pretty wonky physics wise.

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