Weekly Ultimates Should Award In-game Currency

One simple fix for 343 to implement to solve the issues with progression: Give people 100 of the in-game currency alongside or instead of the cosmetic as a reward for the weekly ultimate challenges.

Sweats and kids will still pay for the Cosmetic bundles and to get ahead on the Battle Passes. This way people who actively strive to complete every weekly challenge will be rewarded with free currency and thus earn a premium Battle Pass and finally be able to play without complaining about people that pay getting more attention than “real” Halo fans.

With 100 per week and the Premium costing 1000, it will take half of a season to earn the necessary amount, which is good for 343 because it ensures a consistent daily active player count.

By the time the player earns 1000, they will be around level 55 on the Battle Pass already, so they could just buy ahead from there or use the inspiration of a hard-earned premium and less than half of the pass left to run that last 45-level lap.

A core progression system is not a necessity for Halo, but a challenge system that rewards weekly dedication with the chance to earn premium content most certainly is.


I actually think this is a pretty solid idea, not gonna lie.


Never thought of this. Great idea!


Fantastic idea. There needs to be an in game earnable currency and I think this is a fantastic way to go about it.

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