Weekly Ultimate Should Also Give Credits.

I believe that, to make the prices in the Store less painful to look at, we should be able to earn Credits along side the weekly ultimate reward.

For example, you complete all your weeklys and the ultimate, you get your new visor, coating, whatever it is AND 100 credits with it too as a constant weekly reward for challenge completion.


Full agree. But considering the bundle prices creeping back up and everything else cash-grabby, this will never ever happen. :confused:


Sounds good to me. 100 cr might be a little high though, tbh. A little fomo inducing to those that only play a handful of hours a week.


You think people will feel more FOMO over 100 credits than they do some (some) of the rewards?

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Absolutely I would. Banking credits to shop around with is way more enticing than another visor or stance etc that I don’t care for. Perhaps give the option of weekly reward or X number of credits.


I agree.

Its a great way for them to lessen the guilt of greedily robbing the client via micro-transactions

And yes, 343 is feeling guilty. Ever wonder why the loading screen tool tip for weapon dropping reads “an embarrassment of riches?”

Clean your conscience the right way 343- lower prices or give out more credits as rewards

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100%. “343i is literally DEMANDING I play for an entire week for a DOLLAR.” - insert rant about economics here.

A lot of Halo fans are bundles of reactive nerves.


Oh, 343 doesn’t demand, remember that they “make” us do things that we don’t want to do for things we don’t want to have.

I agree with others here. People wouldn’t be satisfied. I also think that having credits In addition to a weekly ultimate is greedy on our part. We’d end up with garbage weekly ultimates again (and we already are getting vehicle coatings!).

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What I think 343 should do is drop the inferior Halo Infinite challenge system and replace it with the superior Halo MCC challenge system.

Let us EARN in-game currency through some challenges and stop being stingy about content rotating through the shops.


I agree, but continue to add stuff daily/weekly, just keep it available in the customization menus if the shop is too inferior to handle a full catalog.

I continue to be amazed at how poor the structure of this game’s UI is. I feel like I’m looking through my classmates desk for pogs, not browsing an online shop for a multi-million dollar video game.

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Well, considering how many new hires make up 343 Industries, I cannot help but wonder who is fresh out of college and how many of them were tasked with understanding a new engine PLUS one that has been reworked extensively from previous iterations of the Blam! engine??

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Damn. I did not know how good Halo 5’s req system was compared to this.


theres a new thread like this every other week.


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As much as I despise Halo 5 Gorbians, I will state that unlike every other lootbox system in every other videogame that has one; 343 was nice enough to make it so you never received Duplicates of cosmetics.

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The FOMO comes from stuff in the shop being temporary. MCC essentially offers “credits” for completing weekly challenges, but the items you can spend the points on don’t disappear, so getting simple in-game currency actually works there.


You mean a studio that is backed and funded by Microsoft directly can’t afford to give out the chance to grind out $1? That thing that several other free to play games not backed/owned by a major company that they make games for exclusively are able to do. They can’t afford to do that?

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the game has been out for 7 months, which means you could have gained 30$ worth of cosmetics by now, just by playing. 10 years lifespan means youll be able to gain 500$ worth of cosmetics, while receiving free maps, free updates, free modes.

plus consider the fact that by rewarding you credits they are discouraging a lot of people who would spend very little money on the game from buying credits. even if the average player ended up spending 10$ in the whole 10 years lifespan of the game, they are throwing away a lot of money considering its a f2p game.

you people should stop asking for earnable credits, its not gonna happen.

As someone who wants the entire challenge system reworked and weekly fomo removed, I disagree.
I’d rather players have the freedom to play at their own pace while being able to earn Cr for playing the game, not forcing them to do weekly ultimate challenges which will no doubt cause 343 Greedy Spark to reintroduce annoying challenges.

The game is in a state where it can’t even retain players and you wanna add more fomo? That’ll just push more people over the edge and quit because they feel like they are FORCED to play weekly.

Here’s my proposal instead:


  • Every game you play in the Event period will earn you 10 Cr, up to a cap of 500 Cr per Event
  • This Cr is yours to keep and accumulate

This means in 2 Events, you can just buy a Battlepass which pays for itself after, which lets you access many cosmetic options past the ordinary F2P player. Every 500 you earn after can be put to saving for a cosmetic bundle that interests you.

Events are the one thing in the game which brings players back, so it’ll be quick and easy to earn these 500 Cr per Event.

Mind you, this is just for playing at most 50 games during the Event, and not make you do monkey stunts like Backsmack 10x and a dumb Weekly Ultimate which is like earn 10k score or kill 50 Spartans.


Well you sure sound like someone who has no problem spending money. Not everyone has a ton of money to just go throwing around whenever they want. Not to mention we didn’t ask to have to pay for every single piece of armor or color we might possibly want to have. Halo has been a game that for years has been about making your Spartan YOUR SPARTAN. And now 343 has stripped that away in favor of extremely heavy and hard-handed microtransactions. Player customization and individuality has been completely and utterly bottlenecked and choke to death all for the sake of money. They have plenty of it because they are backed by a major company that makes billions of dollars a year. There is no way that a company such as this is not capable of offering a small amount of earnable credits that can only be used in this one game much the same as other games do that are not supported in the same way this company is.

There are so many reasons why this system is constantly being critiqued and complained about. It comes down to 20 years of inbox product being changed to a free-to-play model. It’s the constant building and expansion of player customization being mutilated and monetized. It’s the complete and utter lack of content on day one and here it is 8 months after release and it’s still lacking content. It’s lacking content it should have been released on day one with. This game is not worth putting money into currently so no one wants to actually spend money at this point. I sure as hell won’t.

Also the game has been out for 8 months now so I could have got some credits that they would have “missed out” on, but here’s the thing… if it all would have been a box package then they would have gotten $60 from me. Do you want to know how much they’ve gotten? Well I’m going to tell you. $0 they haven’t gotten anything. Zilch, nada, nothing. So they’re effectively in the hole with me. By choosing this business practice they’ve lost money from a long time customer because I’m not paying to constantly have tiny bits of the game handed back to me.