Weekly Ultimate Repeat

So the Ultimate Reward this week is the Sentry stance. Some of you may remember that that was the same item that was available for the first Last Spartan Standing Event back in May. How do we feel about this?

On one hand, this is a good thing. It’s the first time players, who may have missed a week get to go back and get an item that they wanted. Also there is a “canon” reason why the ultimate is the same. The challenge title is called “Camber Surveillance”. Camber is the planet where the new map Breaker is set. Breaker was famously the first and only map for a while that LSS could be played on. So I think this is meant to be consistent with the event, but they could have just made another Camber-related item.

On the other hand, it comes off as holding content back for no apparent reason and cheapens the appeal of the event.


UPDATE: They just changed it apparently.


Ultimate rewards re-entering rotation is nice.

But the fact that during an event is the only time a lot of players will actually do the ultimate challenge makes this kind of disappointing.

A good chunk of the player base is likely only really interested in playing during events, when there’s something new to do or unlock. Which means that chunk already got this reward. Recycling something from a slow week during a perceived busy week would make a lot more sense.e


Feels like a lot of things 343 has been pushing out lately. Lazy.

I am a little relieved that it’s something I already have so I can complete five LSS challenges and be done with it.

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Yeah, it has it’s ups and downs. I’m just curious to see what the rest of the community thinks about it.

I think the number of people going for the ultimate reward might be lower then normal, since the event is LSS and a lot of people absolutely hate LSS. None of my friends are even trying to do them and the only ones playing are just doing the daily ‘challenges’ in Bot Bootcamp for the BP and then quit playing again.

Honestly though this has to be a mistake. I thought it was supposed to be Clippy with a helmet charm.

That and the fact that you unlock two tiers with every LSS challenge.

I already have that ultimate reward from the first time it was available. And I will probably never use the Rakshasa core. So I don’t have that much interest to play this week.

I am currently trying to finish Halo 2 on Legendary under 3 hours. It takes a lot of time and practice and patience.

I would like to play Infinite’s campaign too, but we can’t replay campaign levels yet?

You can replay them in the co-op flight

For that I need another person who wants to play Infinite…

You guys have a stance? I’ve got tactical clippy.

Ive got the feeling that the weekly was originally going to be the chest knife reward, but they say how many people were eager to get their hands on that so now they’re going end up putting it in the shop.

UPDATE: https://twitter.com/HaloSupport/status/1549504301273206785


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And with that update, any progress people made on their challenge decks just got reset :joy:


Yup, I was nearly done. Such bull crap.

At least they are consistent lol.

Good, because that stupid paper clip can burn in hell for all I care. Means I don’t have to bother with doing all the challenges this week since I have absolutely no interest in Clippy :poop: lol

I mean, both were bad, unless you didn’t have the stance from the first time.

Stances can be altered, and have some personal appeal to them.

On the other hand, anyone that knows Clippies past knows that he’s a complete -Yoink!- bag and deserves to be burned lol.

Yeah… Clippy was something wasn’t he?

Do… do the young’ins even know who Clippy is?