Weekly Ultimate Challenges are now something that I regularly ignore

3 killjoys in Fiesta… really, 343?

First, you gotta get lucky and hope that someone on the enemy team even gets a killing spree. Then, you have to be lucky enough to actually kill them before your teammates do or, even worse, before that player commits suicide because they’re just that spiteful.

All of that just for a single ugly weapon coating. No thanks.

The weekly ultimate rewards have always been crap, but now I don’t see them being worth my time with how much of a grind the challenges to get them are.

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It definitely depends for me what the unlock is, I usually do all the challenges anyway. But if the ultimate challenge is undesirable then I’m out of there. I don’t even want to know how many games of Fiesta it will take me to get 3.

I’m just not going to bother as I don’t want another AR skin.

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To make Killjoy challenges more pliable, they should put an icon or something over the Spartans that are on a spree. Kinda like how when you are being dominated by someone in Team Fortress 2, you get to see some icon to let you know that they are doing very well.

Thus, making them a target that you can focus on.

alrighty, another week without halo. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe how one can be that dumb to think this stuff is fun and enjoyable

What is wrong with you? You have the ability to swap if you don’t like it. Also, challenges are supposed to be challenging. The stuff you post on here is garbage. Seriously, stop wasting our time. I’m looking for valuable feedback and you are whining like a child.

Perhaps you missed “Weekly Ultimate Challenge”

You can’t swap those


Welcome to the club.

maybe start reading the whole topic before ranting…?

…and also you are not given the ability to swap unless you actually have swaps earnt from BP or buy them from the shop