Weekly Ultimate Challenge

This weeks ultimate challenge (January 11) “Buddy System” is not tracking double kills properly.:unamused:

A friend of mine had the same.

I am not that far yet (way to far bugs/crashes/lags/etc., yesterday i ‘played’ 13 matches, but i could only actually play 6 because of that…) and even for me a challenge is already bugging. I need to get 5 AR kills, wich would be easy, but when i got 2 kills (i also had a BR-challenge i finished during that match), non of them tracked. After that the game refused to spawn me into BTB matches (i need 9 more kills in there) and so i got banned. After the ban tried a Bot Bootcamp match for the AR-kills (since it doesn’t require PvP), game crashed, another ban. I’m done playing it for today now.

I gave up on trying last week’s challenges because I got some Pulse Carbine kills that didn’t register.
That and I couldn’t get into any BTB matches.
It’s certainly challenging when the objectives can’t be completed.

Hopefully a fix is soon on its way.

This issue is now fixed.:blush: