Weekly Ultimate Challenge Rewards Being Repeated

I thought it looked familar. This weeks Ultimate Challenge reward is the ‘Willow Tea’ armour coating. This coating has already been a weekly ultimate reward and I had previously unlocked it.

Are we seriously at the point that we need weekly ultimate rewards to be repeated? Can players who have already invested the time into the game to unlock these rewards not receive some credits to use in the store? Or maybe be able to receive a token to select a previous weekly ultimate challenge reward they might’ve missed?

Just seems like a slap in the face to players who invested time into getting these rewards.

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From this:


As we’re looking to address a lot of the community feedback we’ve received around Challenges and we’re shifting the philosophy, the Winter Update’s Ultimate Rewards will feature the most popular Ultimate Rewards from Seasons 1 and 2 to help players get another chance to earn them in case they missed them last time.

We hope you all enjoy the opportunity to earn these on the new and improved system during the Winter Update.


Well, at least that explains it.

It still sucks though imo. I’d rather gain some currency if I’ve already got the reward. At least then I could buy stuff from the store I’d like.


I totally agree! I have invested a lot of time and patience into returning every week unlocking every ultimate reward that has been available. I feel ripped off not gaining anything from these repeated items, even though I still spent the time today to complete this weeks ultimate reward.

I understand that the store may see a rotation of items we’ve had before, but the ultimate reward should be new to infinite. Otherwise, a player should definitely be rewarded in a unique way (like credits to spend in the store) if they have already unlocked it previously.


Got the same feeling, we should get something else… at least 50 or 100 credits

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Hello 343 Please change the new rewards color or tweak the rewards in some way to rewards the players who diligently finished the weeklys while it was harder to do so. This is not helping the halo community. Most games i’ve played will change the rewards color to keep the item rare. They should be rare items. Keep the same item but change the rewards please. Some of them took 12 hours to get. like Last spartan standing. Now you’re releasing tactical clippy back without changing color is a major mistake.

All the posts complaining did not compeltely read or missed the Winter Update blog.