Weekly Ultimate Challenge needs to be visible before it becomes available

Spent many hours grinding this week’s challenge only to find out the ultimate challenge is to get 3 killjoys in Fiesta. Without the ability to change it. Who at 343 thought this was a good idea? Are they doing this on purpose by making the challenges as frustrating and miserable of an experience as possible? All that effort down the drain because I didn’t know what the weekly ultimate challenge was coming up. Thanks for wasting my time, 343.


Challenges should really be in your hands, not the enemy’s.


The weekly challenge should be something you can work on from the weekly reset - that way players who grind from day 1 can progress and people who play briefly can as well, without hitting say Monday or Tuesday and feeling like they need to rush to complete it.


They really should show it before you finish your weeklies but from a business point of view I get why they don’t, why show a challenge that a lot of people won’t play for or have players have to play more of your game to find out what it is.

Still makes it stupid though

Then players who grind quickly will just post the requirements on social media. Also naming it “Fiesta Killjoy” might be giving it away :upside_down_face:

But yeah, I get your point.

Someone is always on here posting about the ultimate challenge a couple hours after it updates on Tuesdays.

So you could be proactive to check here on Tuesday instead of being reactive to come on here and complain.