Weekly ultimate challenge is ridiculous

5 killing sprees in fiesta really 343i really.

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It’s random it seems. Mine was only for a single killing spree in Fiesta. I have gotten 3 killing sprees so far, though one was before the challenge was in my active list. Seems I lucked out, my hardest challenges this week are for getting one CTF capture and getting 3 fusion coil kills. All of the fiesta ones I got were pretty easy.

This is a joke right?

I didn’t even know this was a challenge and I’ve got 1 oddball match before I have no challenges left

I mean while it’s not the easiest having it in a fiesta is more likely then in a quick play .

Step one: spawn with Rockets
Step two: use rockets
Step three: ?
Step four: profit

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Alternatively the Grav hammer. Just sit in a corner and pray a group passes by you.

The challenge is legit just weapon spawn roulette lol.

5 sprees in one week is doable.
If you can’t than you miss out on an ugly color pallet.

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One of my event challenges was to get 5 killing sprees, and now I get the ultimate of 5 killing sprees. It sucks.

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It goes off your mmr if you’re higher rated the challenge is harder.

Yep and I keep getting the pulse carbine and disrupter I’m not going to do this challenge and no one else should do it either or spend money this company is Prue greed now.

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Killing Frenzies do NOT count towards this.

Yeah the enemy team runs around with hammers, rockets, and swords and I get a -Yoink!- pistol and commando. Makes no sense.

Yup. They’re specifically looking for Killing Spree medals, which I very much dislike. Should be like MCC where a Spree is a spree and higher ones count as well.

With this I found myself jumping off the map when I got a Killing Spree so I’d die to respawn and go on another. Awesome design.

You can get 5 killing sprees in one week.

You are upset that you cannot complete this in less than a week - you expect instant gratification - this is why you are complaining about the weekly challenge.