Weekly Ultimate Challenge (Fiesta Killjoy)

I haven’t been one to complain about the challenge system I’m mostly fine with it but this weeks ultimate challenge is outright stupid I’m over 25 games deep and am yet to even see a killing spree in the kill feed who in their right mind decided to make not even a weekly challenge an ULTIMATE challenge one you can’t even swap, into a challenge that is completely reliant on literally everyone in the game but yourself, this challenge is f****** stupid. With the exception of winning games no challenge should ever have to make you rely entirely on another player ESPECIALLY not an enemy player.


Yeah, this challenge is plain stupid. It forces you to perform bad.

Next up are challenges like “get a betrayal with a vehicle”, “Die immediately with a full power weapon”, “die 20 times in a single match”…


Well, at least those 2 would be something you can control yourself. These fiesta killjoys you can’t…


I looked at the scoreboard during the match to see if any of the enemy players maybe has a kiling spree. If the enemy has a 8 to 3 KD your chances are high that he has a killing spree.

Although I got lucky and just completed that challenge, it is still a bit weird. Would be nicer if that would be changed to get 3 killing sprees on your own for example.

With that said… they AR skin looks a bit strange with that plastic gold color.


I was all set to rage over this challenge until yesterday when I got 5 killjoys in less than two hours of game time. Unfortunately the challenge wasn’t active for me but when I played with my friend last night, he completed the challenge in two matches.

Not sure how it’s going to go for me but it does seem doable.

It took me 4 matches to complete. Typically you notice when someone goes on a spree with the hammer or sword. I also get killjoys more frequently than going on a killing spree myself in Fiesta. So I didn’t need to go kill myself just to have them get a spree going.

But I guess you can’t generalize this. Maybe it’s less common with people of higher rank to see killing sprees in Fiesta than it is for the average Joe. It took me more games to finish the (not Fiesta related) get 3 kills with the Pulse Carbine.

All in all I’d say it’s not THAT hard to do for most people but it definitely isn’t a good challenge (especially for the capstone - you might complete it naturally if it’s a regular challenge that you have throughout the week).

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4 games and not one killjoy for me. generally Ill get a spree and give a killjoy. Dumb challenge is dumb and im annoyed I cant get my skin

As an onyx player that is going on killing sprees near every game this challenge is **** i have to just spend all game dying so that the enemy can get a spree just to hope i can shut them down b4 my team does


As someone who top-frags practically every game I am now at over 30 games of fiesta and have only gotten 1. It is a stupid challenge almost entirely based on luck, saying it is not that hard to do is outright idiotic.

I hate to be that guy, but I just looked at your games and almost every game has at least one killing spree on the enemy team.

Yeah it’s not an easy challenge, and it encourages some stupid gameplay (feeding kills to get the enemy more killing sprees for example). I don’t think it’s well designed, but honestly I don’t even think it’s worth stressing about.

I’ll admit I got lucky without doing anything different in my fiesta matches. Took me four matches to unlock the weekly. Just play the game normally and eventually you’ll get it.

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It’s making me want to delete the game no cap, I’m in such a terrible mood because of how annoying fiesta is in this game

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@Porrage I’m finishing it on 3 different accounts 1st account (this one) got relatively lucky only taking around 7ish games, 2nd account over 20 and the current account I am now on 35ish with 1 killjoy. These are matches of pretty consistently top fragging and watching kill feeds to seek sprees. Majority of killjoys don’t register, from my experience its about 1:4 that do register. This challenge is ridiculous and forces people to play the game in all the wrong ways, couple that with it being almost entirely chance if someone does happen to be good enough to get on a spree and not get killed before you get to them. This constant excuse of “Just play the game and you will get it” that is seemingly exclusively being given by people that have gotten lucky with their MM. The fact is for majority of players this challenge is taking an absurd amount of time and there is nothing you can really do about it aside from getting a 4man team and deliberately throwing the game.

Challenges like this are precisely the types of challenges that should be stressed about. These aren’t challenges they are borderline RNG gates to what little progression/rewards there are in the game, if you wanted this to be a challenge just flip it and make the challenge to get on killing sprees yourself. As much as I love playing the game and the following wouldn’t affect me but things like this clearly just exist to inflate play time.


Same, I’m either the best player in the match or I can’t get a kill to save my life, and either situation makes getting a killjoy a myth

Wait… you’ve already unlocked the weekly and you’re complaining because you’re doing it three times?


If 343 is going to have a progression/Battlepass system that almost entirely relies on challenges, then those challenges better be GOOD.


No I’m complaining because on average it is taking 20+ matches for the majority of players and my experience proves that further… If you think I’m complaining about it due to doing it 3 times you sir are stupid and haven’t read the post at all, get out of here.


I got two kill joy challenges before I even got to the ultimate challenge. This challenge shouldn’t be in the game at all. It sucks at 343 has to make so many mistakes before they get anything right.

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I mean, you are, though. If you’d stopped after completing it on the first account (only 7 games) then you wouldn’t have posted a rant that started with:

You sir are a lost cause. look literally everywhere on the forums the purpose is that this challenge is entirely based on RNG, it doesn’t matter if you get lucky and get it in 5 games or have the majority experience with 25+ games like me with my 3rd account taking over 35+ games. Its a s*** challenge based on RNG and as clearly stated I’d still be complaining about it regardless of my luck. My experience is purely just a case study on what the majority of people are experiencing.


Did you see the part where I wrote: