Weekly Ultimate Challenge bugged?

Apologies if this has been posted - I couldn’t see another thread.

The Weekly Ultimate challenge appears to be bugged. It requires 3 double kills and I have scored a couple of double kills in Fiesta, but they have not counted. Does anybody know if it needs to be done in a specific gamemode which isn’t shown in the Challenge description or is it bugged?



I tried in quick play ,fiesta and slayer playlist.
And i’m still at 0/3 after several double kills
Bugged,i guess.


Yeah not working for me and a few others, I started a thread yesterday “Weekly Ultimate Challenge not working” but I think most people haven’t got to the final challenge yet so it’s probably a little under the radar.

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The reward is absolutely terrible this week anyway so not a massive loss, just annoying for completionists.


Has anyone tried ranked solo/duo?

I just got 3 double kills in a single Quickplay game and it didn’t count either, so it isn’t in a single session.

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Congratulations 343i, it was only a matter of time until this happened to the weekly capstone challenge. I’ve had quite a few challenges not track correctly that I had to waste a challenge swap on, but we can’t swap this one.

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Make sure you file that support ticket. Maybe 343 will give everyone that awesome armor emblem for free. /s

Same problem. I tried to complete in ranked as well with no luck. I have a support ticket filed.


Added my ticket to the pile.

Bugged for me too. Played several matches with doublekills in the feed yet not showing up as making any progress.

My goal in Halo Infinite so far has been to collect all the Challenges/Rewards that come with it. I am not getting credit for this one like many others here. It’d be one thing to not finish because I didn’t play or wasn’t good enough, but simply because of a bug is really, really frustrating, and frankly inexcusable on 343’s part.

has anyone managed to get it yet? just reached it and won’t unlock, tried tactical slayer and fiesta. hopefully they give us the reward this week for free.

Yea… I ain’t even. Trying it… not so fond of grinding for the emblem and just to find out the weekly is bugged, man just gonna relax this week in Halo…

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Glad I’m not the only one. Tested in Quickplay and Fiesta, 5 no counts.

I played Tactical Slayer and Fiesta, the double kills did not count
bug report sent

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Tried literally every single mode solo and got nothing. I was thinking maybe since it’s called ‘Buddy System’ that you had to be in a party with someone else when you get the double kills?

Same here,no matter what mode I tried-I have the medals but the challenge is not counting it

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×looks on at the ever growing bonfire of tickets×

Ahhh…It glows…

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I’ve just given up. Of course one of my challenges is get so many points on BTB, but anytime I try to join a BTB match it fails.

I’ve finally hit my frustration limit with this game.