Weekly Ultimate Challenge 06th Dec to 13th Dec Help

Is it just me or is anybody else really struggling with the “Bad Driver” weekly UC? I have been playing all night and only got one splatter (which was a complete fluke). The lag / ping issues make it really hard to line up splatters, and even when you do hit people they just bounce off your hog half the time. It is really frustrating and I am on the verge of giving up, which I don’t want to do, as I really want the Splatter backdrop.

I get that Challenges shouldn’t be a cake walk but this is beyond ridiculous. I have played for about 4 hours tonight and got one splatter out of pure luck - With those stats I am looking at another 20 hours just to do one challenge :smiling_face_with_tear:

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would help? Am I doing something wrong? I am loosing the will to live :sweat_smile:

First, just in case your doing it or not, I’d recommend doing this in BTB for obvious reasons. You’ll get far more vehicles to utilize to do this.

But over all, I feel the Ghost is probably the best vehicle in the game when it comes to going for splatters. Being able to turn freely and boost directly into people makes it very easy to hit people with it. If they start jumping to attempt to avoid being splattered, wait to boost at them until they start descending out of the air to get the splatter.

Not really sure what else to say outside of that. Just to keep at it I guess.

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All vehicles have a decent splatter chance but in my opinion Ghosts and Choppers are much easier then the other vehicles. Wraiths can be good to use too, but it’s spawn is very restricted.

My best advice is to hop into a Ghost in BTB and be mindful of equipment or Dynamos.

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Thank you. I have been trying to grab a Ghost where possible but it always seems to be Hogs and Mongooses on the field! I have been trying in BTB but that tends to be where the lag / ping issues come in. So frustrating!

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Glad to be of some help. Good luck on getting it done too of course! :slight_smile:

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You can use the repulsor to push a vehicle into a player. That usually counts as a splatter.

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Few more things I guess I can suggest.

  1. You can bait people into jumping by pretending to run into them. If they jump, wait till they start to decend to splatter them. Jumping may give someone a chance to escape, but once their in midair their movement becomes predictable as they can no longer change directions till they land again. It’s a double edge sword.

  2. Don’t just go for splatters, take your time and pick your moments to hit people. If it looks like you’ll last a lot longer if you just blast a Spartan, then going for a splatter, it may be better to hold off on that kill and gun him down, then go for the next chance that seems more optimal. If there’s a lot going on around you, lots of enemies. It’s probably better to gun a few down safely too before trying for splatters.

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Spent another couple of hours this evening in BTB with no luck… Just as I was about to give up again, I got a game of CTF on Breaker, got a Ghost, then managed to get seven splatters in one game :rofl:

For anyone else struggling, I would definitely recommend the Ghost. Breaker seems to be the best map for this, as a Ghost spawns at each base, so you aren’t relying on ambient drops from a Pelican during the match - You can just wait on the Ghost spawn at your base and keep grabbing it again each time after you die. CTF seemed to be an optimal game mode for this Challenge as well, as the matches tend to last longer unless you have a dominant team.

Thanks for all the help and tips guys! I persevered and got there in the end :sweat_smile: (Glad that is over!)

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