Weekly Splatter Ch

“Kill Enemy Spartans by hitting them with a vehicle in PvP”… I would if I could Play BTB. There isn’t enough vehicles in the other game modes. This Challenge should be granted to anyone who got to this point in the weekly


This is why we need the Point system from MCC back.
1 Challenge = 1 Point
Weekly Cosmetic = 5 Points to unlock
1 Season Pass Tier = 1 Point to progress
10 Challenges a week = 10 points to spend.

not only that but the vehicles have the same issue as the melee system in halo reach you tap someone and they fold but in this game i could send this warthog into 20 guys and only get 2 of them

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But then a Wraith, Banshee or Ghost can lightly strafe into you and get a triple kill… more Halo logic.


MCC has cosmetics locked behind specific challenges too.

Just play Fiesta, it’s actually way easier to consistently get splatters than BTB games when you get Launch Site.

I thought this challenge was going to take some time, considering BTB is currently broken. I managed to get in 2 matches earlier and got my splatters thankfully. If you can’t get into BTB you pretty much gotta play quick play or Fiesta and hope you get Behemoth or Launch site.

Took me 2 BTB to complete. The hardest part of this week’s challenge was getting into a BTB.