Weekly Rewards should come back as free rewards in future Battle Passes

Title says it all.

A lot of the community is frustrated with the fomo that is implemented with this game and this is especially prevalent with the weekly rewards. The fact is, most people probably don’t like feeling compelled to do all the challenges every single week. It turns the game into a job and pushes people to modes they most likely don’t want to play.

Part of the stated goal mentioned in the video this week for match based XP is to ease off the reliance of challenges. I think if they can get to the point where weekly challenges are a supplement for going through the battle pass then a lot of players will probably enjoy the game more. As part of this, they could start bringing back past weekly rewards as part of the free progression in future battle passes.

Hypotetically they could make it so all weekly rewards return as free rewards two battle passes after the season they appear in. Such a system could have multiple benefits:

  1. Decreases the fomo in the game. This is obvious. Players who missed things in previous seasons can still have the chance to acquire cool items. It also would not negate the desire to complete all weekly challenges. If there’s a cool accessory, icon, or color that you want for your Spartan then you will still be incentivized to go through your weekly challenges so that you can get the reward now instead of six months or more later.

  2. Increase player enjoyment. One of the biggest complaints I see regarding the current challenge system is people feel compelled to just focus on the challenges rather than playing the modes they want. If players know they won’t be missing anything permanent if they ignore challenges for a week then they can instead focus on simply enjoying the game.

  3. With match XP coming, challenges can become what they should have been in the first place, a nice supplement to player progression.

  4. Recycles old content. Everyone would enjoy more tangible rewards being in the battle passes going forward. By including older weekly rewards, it means more content for the battle pass that the devs do not have to make from scratch. It also means the time and work put into making the weekly rewards are not a one and done deal.

For example, the battle pass coming up this winter is pretty anemic with only thirty levels. 343 could easily up this number to around fifty or more by simply adding in the weekly rewards from season 1. This winter pass is Reach themed anyways so it would fit in perfectly. Heck, if they just increased the size of the winter battle pass and called the winter update season 3 then I think the community would have taken a lot of the recent update a bit better.

Just my thoughts.


Some time ago I wrote another possible modification to fix the challenge system and its prizes, I copy and paste the message:

In my case, with my grain of sand, I would like to focus on the challenge system. Everyone knows that it needs to be completely fixed and changed, but few people comment on how to do it. This is my vision:

  • A challenge system is always welcome when it is ADDITIONAL to a main progression system, it should never have been the main focus of the multiplayer experience.
  • Weekly challenges should be permanent, and related to the current season. In this way you can develop groups of challenges that share a main theme. For example: Sniper Challenges.
  • Being themed challenge packs, the final prize will be something related to that theme, but it would be an object of remarkable value.

A system of weekly challenges that were related to the battle pass would add extra value to it. Having this PERMANENT system of challenges that are unlocked week after week allows players to complete these challenges whenever they want, eliminating any existing FOMO system in it.

In addition, being permanent causes an accumulation of content to be done that allows the player to return whenever they want and have something to do without having to turn each game session into an experience focused on them. One day you may want to play a few games with your friends, the next day you can advance a little with the challenges of the first pack of seasonal challenges.

It could be possible to discuss the possibility that these permanent challenge packs were only available when buying the battle pass. Or maybe you can only get the final prize after completing everything if you buy that pass. This is already something to debate.

An example of this would be Fortnite, who has these challenge packs that by completing them whenever we want throughout the season allows us to acquire the final object. Of course, in the case of Fortnite, these packs are not permanent, but it is a very clear example of what I mean.

Having a main progression system based on ranks that we get for our profile, along with a system of complementary challenges and a battle pass, I see it as a good base to be able to expand the development of Halo Infinite. And even not only enclosing the challenges for PVP, but also for PVE modes, campaign, Forge, etc…