Weekly perfectionist

I dont go bragging around on forums and such cause its not worth it but i was bribed a 1 month to post this so i am.

I have completed every weekly since the launch of reach. Woopie!!! /sarcasm

I normally feel happy about finishing another weekly for about 2 mins and then go back to playing firefight or some other game on my other profile or sit around watching tv. Im actually tired of trying to finish these weeklies every week cause its taking up my life so i will just stop when i hit inheritor. B5D Hanter

Im sure someone will say “prove it” so here. image

Again i was bribed to post this so i may not come back to this thread. The fact that i have a perfect count of weeklies done since launch does not even seem impressive to me anymore.

We here at Bungie would like to present you with the grand prize for achieving such a feat, one billion dollars and infinite girlfriends.

Cool story bro, dedication time.

I guess but I think having every daily is more impressive. The highest I’ve seen is someone with almost 2800 daily challenges completed.

That is dedication!

Doing something like that in Halo 4?

Where are you on this list?

> Where are you on this list?

Good question.

If i remember correctly … At that time there were still over 70 people who did that many even though i think half of them cheated somehow and the names you see in that list got whatever they were getting if they did.