Weekly Custom Games

I will be hosting Custom games every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The party can only hold 16 people but whoever wants to join can join. All you have to do is send a message to my profile The Duck 303 and I will invite you to the party. We do stuff like infection, mongoose racing, fiesta slayer, parkour maps, CTF, and much much more! Recently the 2 popular YouTubers Leouric and ROYSTAGE played. It is required that you have a mic, kinect is not acceptable. If you are some 12 year old squeaker don’t even bother messaging me, its a waste of your time. If you want to play by yourself then just go into my map variants on halo 5 and bookmark which ever one you want. There’s 112 custom games in all. CAUTION: the game will be broadcasted, audio and all, live to twitch.com.

If I may inquire, what is the time frame on these custom games…I may want to participate in the near future

+ShadOwSnipeREX: usually between 2-6 hours. If you mean just one custom game, it could stretch from 12 to 30 minutes.

+Shad0wsnipeREX You are welcome to join me anytime you want, and if you have any friends with mics that want to play just invite them to the party or fireteam.