Weekly Challenges, Why bother with the objective?

Currently we are being rewarded, for not playing the game properly. If I take the initiative and capture all 3 flags for my team, I still only get 50xp. If I sideline myself and do nothing, I still get 50xp.

If however I camp next to the skewer over and over again, to get that no scope I need, then try over and over again, to knock someone off a level for no good reason. Go out of my way, not to optimise my battle strategy with grenades melee attacks etc. To make sure I’m clocking up the 15 Battle rifle kills I need. And keep running to and from the base to pick up Fusion coils to get those 3 kills I need. I’m rewarded upto 1000xp, for putting myself before the team!

Here are several examples of dailies, that could be used to counter the weeklies.

Capture 3 flags 200xp
Capture a zone 30 times 200xp
Capture 10 Power cells 200xp
100 seconds with the Skull 200xp
50 kills in Slayer 200xp

According to 343, there is no reason you should do the objective unless you have a challenge for it. 343 has told you exactly how they expect you to play the game with the challenge system. They knew this would happen, and I refuse to believe otherwise, because that would mean that they are paying someone a huge salary for sheer incompetence in return.

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Agreed, this is one of my (many) complaints about this system - it rewards selfish play and often punishes playing to win.

I have to say I find some of the choices of XP reward very strange as well. You get challenges that you can smash out quite easily in one game award 200-250XP and then other challenges that could take half a dozen games award 250-300. Very odd imo.

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iv given up, this is halo now. the game is built entirely around monetisation.
so upsetting.

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