Weekly challenges that are too hard/time consuming and need to be removed from the randomization pool or adjusted

I figured it would be convenient for the devs to have all the feedback on this in a single thread so that they could see what the playerbase hates and either remove them from the randomization pool, or tone back the requirement. They claim to have removed some hard weekly challenges in the last update, but there are still some that definitely need to go. Here are some of that I have seen which I think need to go:

High Priority change

  • Get 15 kills with Gungoose cannons (Gungoose spawns are fairly rare in BTB and you are competing with other teammates to get in the gungoose. Even if you do get into one, I think the most kills I’ve ever gotten before getting shot off the gungoose or destroyed was 4 kills. Expecting 15 kills in one week is ridiculous. Either remove or tone it back to 5 kills at most)

  • Destroy another flying vehicle while in a flying vehicle yourself (Far too hard, only one flying vehicle per team spawns an entire BTB match in my experience, you have to beat 11 other teammates to the spawn and be the one that gets in, then win the fight against the enemy flying vehicle, and hope they don’t bail out before it is destroyed. Unreasonable to expect the fates to align for players like this, best to remove this one)

  • Kill 5 enemies with the wraith plasma mortar (Only one tank per team spawns per BTB match, and you have a 50/50 of it being wraith or spartan. Add onto that the fact that you are competing against 11 other teammates to be the one that gets to drive the tank, and this becomes unreasonable to expect it of players. Remove it all together imo)

Medium priority change

  • Get 3 shock chain kills (I had this one last week, it took me like 12 hours of gameplay to unlock it. Basically you have to get lucky and hope that 2 enemies are standing very close together when you are shooting one with the Shock rifle, or that a dynamo grenade electric arc first conducts itself to a weapon on the ground and then into an enemy, with enough damage to kill them. I suggest toning it back to 1 or 2 shock chain kills to reduce wasted time)

Feel free to post your most hated weekly challenges below and I will add them to the OP.

Yes I absolutely agree. They did say they would dial back the challenges of they found too many people skipping or not completing.

I imagine some of these challenges are only difficult to us because of sbmm, but during play testing with lesser skilled players they wouldn’t be so difficult.

Chain link 4 enemies with shock stuff is pretty gross, unbelievable RNG required as most players are not that stupid to be that close together. I’ve gotten it once in quickplay and a few times in BTB across 200 games.