Weekly challenges reduced this round?

I just began my weekly challenges about 2 hours ago and it appears that I’ve already worked it down to just three challenges.
I recall there being 20 last week, but I would say I completed between 6 and 9 and only show 3 more for a total of 12 challenges.

Did they reduce the number of weekly challenges?

Still 20 on mine.

Did you use any challenge swaps?

Some people were reporting last week that the swaps just removed challenges but didn’t replace them.

I did not use any challenge swaps.
I didn’t need too! Lol. I was able to complete all the challenges that popped up.
The one that remains (kill 15 with warthog chain gun) will take time, but I’m really curious to see if I get the “ultimate” challenge after completing it.

I’m really bummed because after the challenges are done, I have nothing to accomplish

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