Weekly challenges (ranked)

This weeks challenges intail playing ranked matches.
Personally i am a masive halo fan and love the games but forcing players to play ranked matches, is horrible. Im guessing a massive majority of players will not play/ get this weeks weekly item due to the horrible way you are forced to play ranked matches, which are not fun (terrible experience with cheaters), this needs to be changed asap, especially with the addition of other amazing classic game modes.


I feel the same way about being coerced to play Fiesta, Quickplay, Team Slayer and FFA.

You do the challenges if you want the thing. Sometimes that means playing a different way or even a different mode than you usually would.

Are there really that many cheaters? I’ve played over 100 games of ranked and not seen a single cheater.

I so far have played about 20 games and have had a horrible experience in like 4,5 of them which just makes me wanna stop playing, the fact that pc hackers are super blatent going 24 and 2 with a 99% head shot rating and accuracy of over 70%

That’s mad. I’ve played loads of crossplay and some kbm at Diamond/Onyx and still not seen any of that. With stats like that the person would be paired with Onyx players.

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Playing ranked I think is fine if that’s all the challenges were. You should not have to win matches (this especially for us solo players) and you should not have to win certain game modes when it’s completely random. The challenges should only be play ranked or play ranked oddball or CTF, but making people playing a bunch of games for one challenge in the hopes you’ll get the game type or a decent team just continues to promote toxicity and quitters. Half my matches yesterday I ended up finishing by myself because everyone else quit. I would have as well, but my challenge at the time was to just finish matches, while others were Win Ranked games and Win Ranked Oddball or Ranked CTF and since it’s random that’s why everyone was quitting cause they didn’t get the game type they needed.

343 do not have challenges that require you to play a certain game modes until you have it so we can pick and choose which ones we want to play.

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Thats a perfect perspective right there. They need to have the game mode lists there before putting required game modes

I refuse to play this game until they get rid of those awful challenges. Why are they forcing casual players to be sweaty. Unbelievable.