Weekly challenges not working!

I am not progressing the weekly challenges, I am not sure if it just me or others is having this issue but nothing I’m doing is resolving the bug. I must state that I did complete a few weeklys before this bug started. Any solutions or thoughts would be appreciated!

The only weekly I have done was getting a kill with the hammer.

The one where you need to play a matchmade game didn’t complete. The others seems to work/keep track for me.

it seems like all my weekly challenges won’t compete. im trying to get to tier 30.

This has been happening to me all day with the daily and weekly. I haven’t been progressing in matches and I close the game and restart it and the daily will work but none of the weekly will. Im stuck on Trusty sidekick and Heat of the moment. Have gotten more than enough kills but after the game it says 0.