Weekly Challenges Never Come Back?

I had 12 saved challenge swaps and I used them all today. I noticed that the challenges never came back. I only had 8 challenges this week. I thought it was “swap” not “delete”. I only have 1 more left and that one aint working right either.

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What, your swapped challenges didn’t get replaced? Gotta try that.

Yeah they get replaces but the ones I swapped for never come back. I read that you get 20 weekly challenges. I only had 8 left after swapping 12. Adds up. They are being deleted?

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Sounds like an interesting experiment. Shame you wasted all your swaps.

Enjoy your Play 3 games of Total Control challenges now whilst BTB is still down.

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Thats the thing. I don’t have anymore challenges now lol except for 1. I literally only had 8 total and completed 7. Something is up with this system.

Based on what you’ve said it looks like it’s working as intended.

There are no more challenges to exchange it with since it has only a pool of 20.

At least you know for future reference.

That sounds odd… I have yet to encounter this myself.

But also, seems like people have very bad luck with weeklies huh? I’m still sitting at 18 Challenge Swaps left and I’m almost through the Battle Pass now.

The challenges that I swapped were never from the pool of pre-defined challenges, they were completely new ones.

Yeah I noticed last time I finished the weekly challenges fast as well. I used only a few swaps then. Try swapping a challenge and see if it comes back up again later.

They’ve been new challenges for me that didn’t return.

Yup “swap” challenge actually just deletes them :expressionless:. I’m bout done with this half-a** game. I’ll be back when Forge drops

Why are you so using so many swaps? You’re going to wish you had then back in a few weeks when you can’t get any more.

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I’m okay with this. Would be super frustrating if you swapped a challenge you didn’t like for it to just bring back one you already swapped out.

Yall not understanding smh. You start with 20 challenges, when you swap the challenge it deletes it and replaces with the other 19. So if you swap 10 challenges then you only have 10 you can complete for the week. It doesn’t swap it deletes it all the way