Weekly Challenges in Ranked

343, please stop putting ranked playlist challenges into rotation. I actually enjoy challenges, but having this weekly ultimate be 3 wins in ranked CTF is beyond painful. I hate playing ranked, it’s just not the experience I want to have when playing Halo. There’s no reason to divide challenges between ranked/unranked modes when they’re already playlist-specific.


“Capture a flag in Ranked Playlist while holding Plasma Pistol in hand and Disruptor in the other hand 0/10”

I don’t have a problem with ranked challenges if it’s just generic wins or # of ranked games played.

This whole “win 3 games in specific game types” challenge config is stupid af though. There’s literally only 2 map/ mode combos for ranked in matchmaking, it’s like so unlikely to even get a CTF game


I’d happily have a challenge like win 10 ranked matches or get a cumulative score of 20,000 points, but getting CTF matches is very luck dependent.


I never thought a challenge would make me want Behemoth back.


Agreed… I’m sitting at 2/3 right now…it sucks. They could have at least made it win 1 ctf ranked or play 3 ctf ranked … Or even a dedicated ctf option but win 3 ranked??? In 40 matches, I’ve only gotten 4-5 ctf matches

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I can’t even get 1 over 30 ranked matches later. It’s exhausting!