Weekly Challenges are broken... and this almost broke me!

This past Monday night, I was playing ranked and noticed, “hey, I only have 2 weekly challenges… I guess that means if I complete them tonight I get the weekly goal.” So, I told my friends no more Ranked… I needed 3 Oddball kills and 3 Seed matches. After 2 Oddball matches I had the kills. The challenge went away… only one challenge left. Finish 3 seed matches… easy. I had to quit out a few times because you can’t choose what mode to play, but I got it. I completed my last weekly objective…

No weekly reward tho… Instead I now suddenly have ANOTHER NEW challenge!!! Win 17 matches!!!

What’s the point of trying to enjoy this Challenge system that is limiting and cheap anyway when it just rooks you out of the rewards for doing them!!!

This game is a 10/10, but the business model is -10/10. I’d rather pay full retail price for a normal game than this scam.