Weekly challenge update please

The weekly challenges in MCC are locked to a 3 week cycle right now and it’s making them a bit bland to play.

The issue is mostly for PvE challenges. Every 3 weeks we get vehicle kills in CE/Reach, then Sniper kills in 2/ODST, then CQC kills in 3/4. The weapons we need to use and the games we need to play are locked in this cycle together. So the missions we need to play end up being exactly the same too. There’s no point playing a mission in CE over Reach because of the low vehicle count, and even in Reach it’s clearly better to play missions with lots of vehicle play. In 2/ODST, you’re best off doing NMPD or Outskirts than anything. The 3/4 week is the only one you can really play anything in, since melee counts as a cwc kill, and in Spartan Ops you can spawn with the Boltshot to do it too. But you’re always going to have to at least play one of the final 3 missions of 3 anyway, since those levels are always the ones with the moas during the 3/4 week.

These challenges should randomize and shuffle every 3 weeks instead of just cycle. I’m at a point now where I only really play campaign to do my challenges, so it would be nice to mix up the missions I play more. I want to do a sniper level in CE/Reach, or a vehicle level in 2/ODST for once you know?