Weekly challenge system does not promote healthy playing and needs urgent review

I finished the challanges, after getting suicidal level depressed trying to do them. I know I am not this bad, but it hit the point I am now 1 kill per 4 deaths on average. Before it was 1 to 1.

Anyway I am not touching the challanges again, I will stick to bot bootcamp until firefight is added.


Your math is a bit off there. I don’t doubt the terrible amount of XP in total, but the amount you can earn is higher than your predicting.

The reason is the recent change to the repeatable daily. Play a game/match - get 50xp. This promotes quick play over BTB - and only pushes players to show up and stay in (and hope they don’t crash) - which means many will literally do just that. Show up. walk slowly accross the map, die, respawn, repeat until match is over. It’s 50xp if they win, 50xp if they lose - as long as they don’t crash or quit, so why bother putting effort it?

Quick matches can be won in as little at 5 minutes or so, but usually (in my experience) take about 12. If I fudge the numbers a bit we will say 5 an hour. 250xp/hour of play with 1,000 xp needed to rank up each battle level -or 4 hours.

In 45.4 hours I have gotten to rank, 16 I believe, with all challenges complete. This is right along with the predicted “1 level every 4 hours” math above, just slightly better due to weekly challenges.

So if we use this as a basic math foundation, gain 15 levels a week, be done in about 7 weeks.

The issue I have with this is… the obvious. I put 40+ bloody hours into the game this week. That is a JOB worth of work, and my rewards (as a free player) are … basically nothing. The amount of XP boosters and Challange Swaps I have keeps increasing, because I’ve seen the whole season rewards, and unless I shill out money, there’s nothing really that I want, not even colors. So the battle pass - is worthless to me, the XP boosters, are worthless to me, and the challenge swaps - are nearly worthless (might use them next time a challenge fails to trigger, but that’s a band-aid on a severed limb)

In probably close to 8 weeks, if you put in a whopping 40 hours a week of ‘play time’ (it’s work, it’s not fun to try to get kills with Wasps when EVERYONE steals them, etc - the challenge is fighting your own team for obscure weapons and vehicles to earn your individual rewards) - all for… well if you don’t buy the battle pass, basically nothing. 26 total thingies to play with, and none of them are too exceptional looking.

Good luck having your Job (so you can you know, buy battle passes and all that junk, and the game and all that) while playing for 40+ hours a week as well. I smell bots in the near future, to simply join and gain that sweet 50xp.

Or you know… 343 could change it to wins giving 200xp, losses giving 100xp and all challenges giving a minimum of 200xp for doing, with challenges focusing more on team objectives than ‘lone wolf’ stuff. Win CTF, sure. great challenge. Even sub challenge it with things like “capture a flag” - doesn’t have to be crazy after all, just Objective focused.

With the quote Ryan Paradis:

  • Healthy engagement is paramount. We want everyone to play the game in a healthy manner that they enjoy. We’re not trying to build a grind-machine that burns everyone out in an attempt to get more game time from them. Halo Infinite needs to be a place where we all look forward to spending time.
  • We maintain a player-first focus. Think of all the games we’ve all played that have random rewards, ask people to play a way they hate just for a new shiny, or weaponize FOMO against the player. There will be limited-time events, but we don’t want to turn free time into a chore. We’re not all about that. Everyone should enjoy their time in Halo Infinite."

I don’t see it. It is not healthy, it IS a grind-machine burning everyone out, your ‘player-first’ focus seems to be aimed at our wallets ,not the players themselves, and you have FOMO going for your reward system being a weekly challenge, that if you don’t complete, don’t have time for, or otherwise can’t get - you miss out.

This game is 100% a chore right now, more on the line of a JOB to TEST the game for you, and WE SHOULD BE GETTING PAID.


Personally I think more (or all) of the weekly challenges should be able to be completed in the bot bootcamp. That way people can clear the challenges without really being a detriment to their team and then they can go off to the other game modes and play normally. That is how I see an easyish fix to this problem.


I have probably 25 hours or so in. Only level 35 and thats after buying the big battle pass that gives 25 levels. Im stuck in progression. One challenge is to kill a spartan with the hydra in pvp. Ive got over 50 matches in and have never seen a hydra yet. Or the kill a spartan with a shadow turret. Anyway if i had not bought 25 levels, Id be level 10. Then to see upcoming challenges all stuff I have done over and over already. Its infuriating, and I dont want to waste all my swaps already. Oh and $2 for a single swap and 2x xp is unconscionable.
My suggession is have ALL weekly challenges active at the same time. Give more daily challenges that people can use their swap tokens on, and give extra xp based on performance for kill count, or carrying the ball, capturing a flag, kiling a carrier, winning vs losing, etc.
Oh and to add. Im freaking terrible at this game, but Iove it. There is no reason someone as bad as I am at this game should be progressing faster than people who are actually good. It makes the rewards feel cheap.

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I’ve seen it on the wall spawns in all of the BTB I played last night. Just check them all in the map if you still have the challenge. Sorry to hear your struggle, hope this helps.

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I agree with all of this. The challanges need a MASSIVE rework, and frankly, they need to delete A LOT of them.
In the mean-time they could give players at least a daily swap, so people aren’t stuck on the banshee, wraith, wasp, shade turret, gravity hammer etc. challanges that are impossible to clear.

I checked my challenges this week and it looks like my set was reduced from 25 to 20 total for the week. All of them are pretty reasonable except 1 for 15 ghost cannon kills and 10 pulse carbine kills.

Hopefully this continues, compared to what I had last week, most of my stuff is pretty reasonable (br kills, headshots, double kills, killing spree).

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It is nice to hear some good news.

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Yes, mine are a lot more reasonable this week too - I’m much happier with it now :slight_smile:

Complete Fiesta Matches x2
Capture a Zone x1
Win Fiesta Matches x1
Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Mangler x1
Earn Double Kills in Fiesta x1
Complete a Big Team Battle Match x1
Kill Enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle x5
Complete a Stockpile Match x1

Win Quick Play Matches x3
Complete any PvP Matches x4
Kill Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack in PvP x10
Complete Fiesta PvP Matches x4
Stop an Enemy Killing Spree in Fiesta PvP x1
Win Fiesta PvP Matches x2
Kill Enemy Spartans in PvP x20
Kill Enemy Spartans with the Mangler in PvP x3

Kill Enemy Spartans in PvP x50
Kill Enemy Spartans with a Headshot in PvP x10
Win Any PvP Matches x3
Earn Double Kills in Fiesta PvP x5

Then you get called trash by your teammates, well sorry but the challenge needed 15 assists in only Fiesta.

Keep wondering why the score tho, apart from objective points and kills.

Mine are less reasonable, all precision weapon ones when I can’t aim with them.

This, challenges in general do not suit Halo, commendations worked because they were forever and didn’t impact anything.

How hard was it to simply pull the battle pass from MCC and put it into Infinite, that would have worked pretty spot on, even the challenges

You said everthing about what’s wrong with the multiplayer system.

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I never got to finish the weekly challenge “Destroy an Enemy Scorpion” even after over 160 matches. They never spawn, and the one time I finally destroy one, the enemy hopped out before it exploded, so it didn’t count. The amount of hours per night I wasted on one challenge is inhumane.

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Another thing I think would make the weekly challenges better is if they allowed us to complete all of them at the same time rather then us having to complete one and have another take it’s place. Just doesn’t make any sense to me.


True. Show them all at once like MCC and display pinned ones on your pause menu in game to keep track of progress. They can still sell skips for the ones people don’t like. They don’t need this jank 4-at-a-time system.

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I had a similar problem… I knew where the needler spawns in several btb maps, got the
challenge, 10 needler kills, and the needler was not spawning at all in any of the maps.
And I checked in case it had spawned somewhere else, I was not involved with what
ever mode was going on I was just trying to find the bloody thing.
This also made me leave many games, just to get a stupid challenge.

The system needs a complete overhaul; this setup is really terrible. Microtransactions for everything are terrible, the leveling is terrible. Even the game, which has some really fun base elements to go on, is made infuriating by obnoxious little changes that 343 made without bothering to ask if the players would like it, like the tiny radar, the no friendly fire, the no collisions, the horribly long shield recharge delay, etc.

I really just hope they give a response that admits they messed up and confirms they’re going to address these problems, not just admit they exist. Not call them “feedback” and ignore it; it’s criticism, and very much negative criticism at that.

Now I do understand it’ll take time, such is life. But I really just want to hear the specific issues they’re going to address.


Not sure what math you’re talking about. It was a rough estimate other than the bare minimum of 20 matches per BP stage.

But yes overall if you don’t complete weekly challenges then the only way to clear the battle pass before February of next year is to treat it like a part time job, grinding out about 200 hours of back to back matches.

Talk about getting burned out quick. They don’t even have all the classic stress-relief modes like Griffball or Infection. And custom-gamemodes don’t even work correctly right now. I can’t add friends from the recent player menu if we get along during the match. AND we have to wait almost another year for Forge to be released. I’m getting old, man, too old for this.

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Example of a bad challenge:
My teammate had an event challenge that required to kill an enemy with a killing spree. He played a few games and could not complete the challenge. So what we did was to feed the enemy kills so we could have more chance to get a player to five kills and kill him. And because of that we lost the game but completed the challenge.
It’s not great to purposely throw a game to complete a challenge because it forces you to play bad.

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