Weekly challenge system does not promote healthy playing and needs urgent review

Truth. tanks should spawn with the power weapon timer if the previous tank is destroyed for both sides in BTB but instead we’re lucky to even see one.
One power weapon spawn point per map, two tank spawn locations, just like old times.

I have the same problem with a single Heatwave kill, it does not register at all.
A friend had a similar problem with 10 kills with a Cindershot.

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The funniest thing the during my two plays in Big Battle Mode I saw a queue of guys who are waiting for Ravager on the base) It’s an awful practice. I know that everyone wants to complete the “Make 10 kills with Ravager” challenge, but this challenge system kills the gameplay at all! No one wants to play the game. Everyone wants to complete challenges.


Some of these are way too difficult to complete given random maps and random vehicle drops. Its hard enough to get a Wraith drop, let alone actually get in the wraith before someone takes it. Then from there, you have to get 20 kills.

Can we just have increasing amounts of “kill x enemies” or “win x games” for challenges? This is really gonna suck once we actually start start having to complete capstone’s for weekly items.

Yeah, at about 200 match made games, and lets say this. I am no longer playing vs People sticking to bot matchs until the system is reworked and replaced.

To much BS, to much sabotage. I have literally seen someone take the flag back to the enemy because they needed chain reaction kills and didn’t want us to win until they got them.

I am tired of it.


I had the same feeling!! I had the challenge of killing 3 Spartans while they were returning their flag and rarely got CTF.

The moment I finish the challenge, I get CTF for 5 games in a row.

Maybe just probability though…

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Exactly, xp should be gained entirely from match completion, match wins and a percentage of match score. Any other method of xp gain just encourages people to play in ways they shouldn’t. MCC has shown that with people dragging out objective matches to deathmatch and get as many medals as they can. Slayer is the only mode that is really “free” from the people ruining matches in favor of grinding xp since you can’t drag out a slayer match other than everyone doing nothing which doesn’t get you xp anyway but objective gets ruined far too often.

You say this but today i was in a bot match and was matched with a group of 3 people who grabbed the flag and held it while they farmed their challenges. No mode is safe from it but custom matches.


You can’t even do most challenges in both matches because they specifically say “PvP” unless a few don’t have that distinction.

They were probably just goofing around. That’s what me and my friends were doing last night. One of my buddies literally wanted to run laps around the level with the flag to see how many he could do before the bots would kill him lol

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A new observation on a challenge.

I have a challenge to kill enemy Spartans defending their zone in PvP.

To do this, it is actually in my best interest to not capture an enemy’s zone - even if there is no danger to do so. As capturing an enemy’s zone would give them one less opportunity to stand in the right spot for when I kill them.

So it’s in my interest to gain XP and go against the goals of my team for this challenge.

Why would they design it this way? Why not just have “get strongholds related medals?” be the challenge as it encourages both attack and defense. What I have now, I have to deliberately sabotage my team to gain XP…


I haven’t experienced that but it doesn’t sound good - I would say even bordering upon unsporting behaviour perhaps.

That just makes it worse, if all they wanted to do was -Yoink!- around and had zero interest in challenges they could have done it in custom matches where you can play with bots.

I’ve been in a few toxic CTF matches in Infinite where they’ll not put the flag in and drag the match on an extra 10+ minutes into overtime, while they all have snipers, wasps, scorpions, and banshees, just trolling the other team since they know they won

Having just done these stupid challanges, hard agree. They suck all the fun out of the game for me. If I keep trying to do those on a weekly basis, they will kill the game for me. That’s a TERRIBLE system to have in a game.
It’s supposed to ENHANCE the experience, not make it mind-numbingly annoying.


I was lucky and had fairly easy challenges. But my friend had a lot of terrible challenges that he has given up on because they were too specific and difficult to get. He also used all his challenge swaps to get rid of bad ones, and just got a full set of difficult ones.

I get what you mean about unhealthy play styles. I played a game of oddball the other day and my team got 99 points each round and then never touched the ball for the rest of the round and just farmed kills and tried to get challenges. I’ve seen this happening far too often.

I can’t edit the OP anymore but would have included this quote I’ve just seen on here from a now deleted Iniside Infinite blog post:

Ryan Paradis:

  • Healthy engagement is paramount. We want everyone to play the game in a healthy manner that they enjoy. We’re not trying to build a grind-machine that burns everyone out in an attempt to get more game time from them. Halo Infinite needs to be a place where we all look forward to spending time.
  • We maintain a player-first focus. Think of all the games we’ve all played that have random rewards, ask people to play a way they hate just for a new shiny, or weaponize FOMO against the player. There will be limited-time events, but we don’t want to turn free time into a chore. We’re not all about that. Everyone should enjoy their time in Halo Infinite.

Imagine walking into your game room one day to to fire up Halo only to torture yourself and not have fun. It must suck. It’s a really fun game and I haven’t purchased a single piece/set of armor. What a fun weekend.

I feel like I am actively getting worse against players do to trying to force myself to do challanges.

I had fun in games #149 and #150.

In the first 148 games I was chasing challenges to try and complete the weekly reward and some of those challenges were not fun.

I haven’t bought anything in the store either but that’s nothing to do with this topic.

My experience was exactly like yours: after I finally completed the challenges, the game seemed so much better, more relaxing, fun…

The challenges actually made me engage with the game in a toxic way, it made me feel anxious and frustrated.

Probably some of it is my own fault. If I didn’t care about completing that stupid list of challenges in order to be rewarded with a piece of armor that I would get tomorrow anyway, I would have a much better time with the game.

I can’t do that every week. I’m already exhausted. It’s not healthy. I might have to stop playing this game altogether if I keep engaging with it the way 343 wants us to play.


I finished the challanges, after getting suicidal level depressed trying to do them. I know I am not this bad, but it hit the point I am now 1 kill per 4 deaths on average. Before it was 1 to 1.

Anyway I am not touching the challanges again, I will stick to bot bootcamp until firefight is added.