Weekly challenge system does not promote healthy playing and needs urgent review

Unfortunately I can see this as not being entirely their decision. Marketing will demand that they find another way to make money, and it will take them some time to propose another method of money making.

People are already suggesting alot of features which will get people paying (like Colour Palettes, interchangable armor cores and pieces etc) but in the end, those are cosmetic centric purchases, which people can and will ignore if all they wanna do is play the game.

The Season Pass may be the only thing left for them to use as a surefire money stealing method, but if you make it so blatantly obvious it’s trying to squeeze money out of us, people are gonna ignore it entirely.

I kept leaving BTB games trying to find a total control match had (2/3) just to complete the challenge, thing is i don’t like leaving games but my xp boost was half way done already and if I had not done so I would have wasted it. Every game I joined was either stock pile / slayer, may be a capture a flag now and then, was going to give up, but I managed to get in to a mid game total control… completed the challenge with 1min left on the boost.

Likewise I had to get 3 oddball carrier kills so I would run past the ball and wait nearby for the enemy to pick it up before then trying to kill them. This obviously harmed my team as I could have just picked it up and increased our score.


Yeah the system definitely has perverse incentives. It would be slightly improved if you were working on the whole deck simultaneously, but you are only working on a few.

But yes. I am a casual scrub, and getting two challenges, play 6 games of ranked, play 4 games of ranked, pushed me into the ranked mode. It is a silly system because it pushes me to play in a manner I wouldn’t otherwise would have in a way that negatively impacts other community members.

I don’t know how MCC does it, but one suggestion I might make is to play the entire deck at once, but only have limited spots available for tracking, to focus players attention.

And get rid of the ones that encourage “antisocial” behaviour. I have a lot more empathy for people now who are not PTFO’ing. They are playing the objective, just not the same one the rest of their team is playing.

I was looking forward to things… until the grind of the challenges showed how poorly thought out it was. It doesn’t incentive players to play games, just ‘complete matches’ and do ‘obscure things’ that may not relate to your game play - I may like BTB where I never get “oddball” matches for example.

This may seem like “it makes players play a variety of things” but all it does is “makes people focus on a few things that don’t effect the actual matchmade game in a positive way” - When I need 10 sword kills - I don’t care if we win or lose, I am gonna focus on sword kills. This isn’t a good thing for the game overall - though, and I know it, but it is the only focus on the game since wins dont matter, points dont matter, completing actual map objectives don’t matter at all - only these unseen ‘challenges’ that don’t help gameplay in the slightest.


Also I don’t know what Chris is talking about in that post, I’ve been in-game 29 hours, and haven’t completed every challenge or achieved the ultimate challenge. I would say that for me, it does require full-time dedication to achieve those ultimate awards, especially if it resets each week.


Yeah, I think the only reason I got as far as I did on the challenges (14 out of 20, btw) is because I had a couple days free to start grinding out the game. And given that my schedule rotates, it’s basically gonna be practically impossible for me to finish all the challenges as they are right now.

Especially since I have terrible luck with grabbing the tools I need to kill a Chopper, or have a bead on one in the first place.

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Yes it’s not physically possible to finish the battle pass season yet unless you paid for it.
I did the math on my own post but even if you only completed weekly challenges every week it would still cost you 16 weeks (4 months) of completing every weekly challenge. assuming you complete every challenge every week, which most won’t.
Without the weekly challenges, it would cost anywhere from 3 to 4 hours of back to back quick-plays to earn enough xp to gain a single level in the season. I don’t want to make comparisons to Fortnite, but even THEY rewarded you based on your performance, with a big fat bonus for winning, reducing reliance on their challenges. You gotta dangle a big fat carrot at the end of the finish line so the one who gets there first gets something special, so that everybody tries to be first. It’s called healthy competition.
343 may have been thinking that they should spread out the season so that they’d have time to complete the next one… I say that’s completely unnecessary. I Want to be chomping at the bit for a new season to come out, not drown in them. There are still people who suck at the game that will buy your premium items or buy season ranks but I want to earn it… but not like this. Not by just pouring hours in and grinding, anyone can do that.

Please 343 for the love of all that is good and wholesome just add performance based rewards for every game, the ability to earn a total of 500xp if you perform like Achilles himself against other players during your matches would go a long way towards motivation, and anyone not that great will see these heroic figures and think “Wow, I wanna look like he does!” and THEY will buy the levels and boosters and whatnot.
I’m a platinum-rank player and getting a measly 50xp at the end of a 20+ kill match where it was impossible to complete a weekly is… infuriating. It feels like “What, did you expect a reward? Get back to work.” And that’s hard to swallow.


I don’t understand how a challenge-only based levelling system passed so many feedback stages, it’s not enjoyable to have the only way to level up the pass be through challenges & then have to complete the most annoyingly specific tasks.

It’s not fun when you force people to stress the entire match on getting a kill in a specific way, this system needs an overhaul, it’s broken.


MCC doesn’t have oddly specific challenges to promote plays.
All challenges are generic and can be completed, no matter the mode.

There are also no strict weapon challenges, those are reserved for campaign where you are free to play however you want.

IDK how 343 messed up this badly, which can only mean it’s intentional to force players to buy challenge swaps.
This is so -Yoink!- stupid. You give us an option to buy out the Pass, but have another separate option for us to “make our progression easier”. Might as well strictly sell Pass buy-outs.

Heck, if 343 worries about money so much, just sell us the damn MP and stop this nonsense.


I swapped out a challenge today that required me to get 10 kills with the sentinel beam and received a challenge to win 3 pvp matches. I played 4 ranked matches to complete that challenge compared to 10+ matches to only have 3 kills with the sentinel beam. But, with that said, it’s probably pretty random what your challenge will be swapped to, and you could end up getting a more difficult challenge. And, if you don’t have any more challenge swaps, you’ll be stuck with it for the week unless you pay money to buy more. I currently think it’d be a waste of money, considering this weeks ultimate reward is some basic visor color. Nothing special or exciting, nonetheless waste a ton of time trying to get. And the xp boosts in my opinion are a huge waste of money. The timer starts ticking down once you choose to use one and doesn’t stop, even if you close out of the game. If you don’t have challenges you can complete in one or two games, you’re only getting double xp for completing the match. It’s ludicrous.

This progression system needs to change ASAP.

The fact you have to even pay for a challenge swap? The fact we have to progress through challenges?

This system is stuffed up big time.

I will not be spending any money on this garbage. You’ll have to spend more time getting there, than actually using the items. Same as the garbage grind in Destiny. These types of systems in no way create any incentive to spend money. Not for me anyway, and I can easily afford it.

It is extremely disappointing that Halo has gone down this path.


The progression system in this game is one of, if not, the worst I have personally ever seen. The customization in this is just terrible too, and almost non existent for free players. People are already leaving the game because of it, you can see the talk everywhere online. My friend group has also dropped it or has not even picked it up due to the awful battle pass and outrageous monetization. The core gameplay is great, but this is not the game we were promised, this is a chore to do. This issue will kill the game if they don’t rectify it quick, I’m sure they can see the numbers and are scrambling. But will they be pro consumer like they initially sounded? I hope, because this game deserves to succeed. 343, please listen to the community, we’re the ones playing your game.

Edit: so I read a comment saying how someone couldn’t believe how this made it through feedback testing and it got me thinking: the community members, the Forerunners, who helped five feedback on the game. Did they only give feedback for the campaign and that’s the only thing they played? Or did they test everything? Because if they tested the mp, I really do wonder how it made it past that. Because absolutely no one would tell them it is a good idea. And if that’s the case they just took very important feedback and decided to ignore it for the sake of monetization… that’s not okay.


And what makes this challenge system even better (heavy sarcasm here, if you couldn’t tell) is when the challenges don’t even register the progression that you make on them. On at least 3 separate occasions just today, I’ve either completed some or all of the necessary requirements for challenges, and they’ve either not registered that it’s been completed, or progressed the incorrect amount. They were:

Kill an enemy spartan with a fusion coil in pvp (I did so and obtained the kong medal, but the challenge didn’t complete)
Kill 25 enemy spartans in slayer pvp (in one game I got 12 kills, but the challenge only recognised 9 of them)
Kill an enemy spartan with the stalker rifle in pvp (literally just did this in a btb match, but the challenge didn’t complete)

Some of these challenges are too specific, depend entirely on luck, and/or depend on a skill level that some people just don’t have (as an example, I am absolutely terrible at sniping and have only completed sniping challenges by finding an afk player or through sheer blind luck). IMO, something a bit more general (eg x amount of kills with banish weapons) would be better suited than picking out specific weapons.

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As much as I want to love this game, these challenges are a big turn off.

I’m currently left with “destroy 3 enemy choppers” and “kill 5 players with the banshee bomb”, with 2 days left to complete them. I honestly can’t see myself completing all the weeklies on a weekly basis to get whatever the weekly reward is.

The last 8 BTB games I played, I came across 2 choppers. One the player jumped out of before I could kill him, and the other I killed the driver by accident leaving me a redundant chopper. I had no ‘drive’ to drive it, as kills with it wouldn’t benefit me, nor would using it to help win the match. I decided to wait for the enemy to take it, until a friendly came along and took it anyway.

As for Banshees, in those matches I heard Agryna call one out ONCE, and I never even saw it in the sky. I guess someone else was chasing that challenge too.

We have a perfectly fine challenge system in MCC, I’m not sure why they they went down this road. I mean, killing an enemy with a grenade, whilst riding shotgun in a warthog…that’s Achievement level stuff, not repeatedly done once a week!

Oddly, one of my top tier challenges was “kill 50 Spartans”. I sneeze and kill 50 Spartans, ahaha!

I guess the one positive to not having a performance based system, is that I’m not loosing out on XP while I’m goofing around chasing challenges. It’s just so frustrating that they managed to create a game that plays as well as this, but faceplanted so hard with non-gameplay related features.


Interesting, I’m at like 65 games and I’ve run out of challenges and I only swapped maybe 5 just because I wasn’t in the mood for “kill 5 with the heatwave” when I’ve been playing in open spaces mostly.

I ended up swapping them both out. I received get 3 Sniper Headshots and get 5 sticks with Plasma/Spike grenades as a result.

I was able to complete them, but those could be considered better or worse depending on the player’s skill and ability to find a Sniper I suppose. Overall I don’t find the new Legendary challenges I got very accessible to all players.

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Bruh, destroy 3 aircraft while in an aircraft.

MCC was too broad and repetitive but pancake 5 enemies? Kill a wraith?

I haven’t even seen a single wraith in like 50 games.


I’ve played over 150 games this week (not all BTB to be fair) and I just saw my first Wraith last night.

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TBH when you have mode specific challenges i think it tries not to put you in this modes too.