Weekly challenge system does not promote healthy playing and needs urgent review

Technically, you can do all of them organically, but it’s definitely a chore to do that in a weekly time span and in a specific order.
This system has to go, hopefully, before launch

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I don’t really believe that challenges like getting kills in a shade turret, pushing people off cliffs with the repulsor, and getting vehicle kills via RNG map and drops are organic. Sure you can get them by just playing, but there’s too many specific variables to not have to think about getting them.

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Indeed, I already suffer from mental health issues, adding the frustration of chasing challenges on top of that is not something I or anyone else needs.


The challenge system and the progression system in general should encourage more play. It should induce that “just one more match” feeling. Instead, when I look at my current challenges I just feel “… it” and I go play Flight Simulator. The current setup doesn’t encourage play and spending, it only frustrates players. Anyone who buys things probably does it in desperation. I really hope these challenge goals will be rethought and that there will be additional ways to get XP. Again, it’s not about the speed of progression or how long it takes to complete a Battle Pass - it’s about the way of progression and how we feel in the meantime.


Boy I sure am glad that is intuitive and clearly communicated

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how did you get to level 50 so fast. Did you spend tier skips?

From the variables perspective any sort of challenge except for killing enemies and playing matches in a playlist are inorganic to some degree. You might not get any specific mode, or specific weapons spawn in a map for a long time.

I don’t argue that the whole system is broken.

But for those specific examples - repulsor is kinda meant to be used to push people off the map and there are plenty of opportunities to do that,
I never saw people not using shade turret on that BTB map and not using available vehicles in any match.

I think it would be fine, if you had a full season to complete the challenges and you could progress towards all of them and didn’t have to compete all to get to lvl 100, like in sea of thieves

I have a challenge to capture 10 flags in pvp, i am at 3 so far. I would understand this challenge a bit more if we had a dedicated ctf playlist, if the challenge was to obtain 10 flag related medals or if you could get the challenge in bot arena. There are so many factors in ctf and in the playlist itself that could prevent you from getting the game type or even scoring.

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Honestly this challenge system is the bane of halo infinite right now. It takes all the fun and focus off the game.


Ive honestly stopped playing the game due to the progression system. Theres no incentive really. The game is ONLY grinding challenges if you want to level up at all. 50xp per game isnt the solution either, it still feels like small drops in what seems like an endless bucket. Mcc had it right, I understand the need to innovate and make things feel new, but this is one of those things that wasnt broke and didnt need fixing.
The gameplay itself is polished which is great, but with no performance bonuses or any reason to get more than 1 kill, whats the point?


This exactly. I’ve gone to playing against bots only for the quick match completion which speeds up progression by a lot but not good enough at all.


Chasing challenges is taking the fun out of this game.


If 343 insist on progression via challenges exclusively, they need to consider making them even more general than they already are. Standard kills, possibly power weapon ones if need be, rather than specific guns. Hell, you could even go by ammo type if you really wanted to, but I’d much rather it be along the lines of kills, headshots and assists. Or even encouraging enemy callouts, something which was implemented into this game with little fanfare and so far isn’t being used much. Vehicle kills or assists if you really feel the need to. Until we can pick our preferred gametypes for ourselves, challenges should not require to be in specific ones. Again, if objective based, just have it per objective medal or assist regardless of gametype. It’s been said before but just look to something like the MCC, where challenges are usually around maintaining a 1.1 K/D or over or even scoring a spree.

But honestly, I’d much rather we have a traditional progression system where we’re rewarded by just playing the game properly, like in pretty much all the previous titles. What kind of interactions with your crafted sandbox were you hoping to incentivise, exactly?

I would love to know how this happened in the first place, especially since there was strong feedback against this system during both insider flights. At the very least, since our opinions are still being welcomed, it would be nice to know what measures are being considered to remediate these major problems which undermine the structure of the game as well as the enjoyment of it, and what further input would prove useful, since a lot of this is repetition at this point. I’m honestly at a loss as to why such a system would be implemented in the first place, and hope this is only indicative of the beta rather than the final product, but I’m growing skeptical. It truly does leave a sour taste. It’s like someone wants to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory now that they’ve made a multiplayer game that’s connecting with so many players outside and within the fandom.


The fact that the tracking of the challenges is buggy as hell is killing it even more for me. I just killed 5 enemies with the Commando in one game, and only 2 counted. I also flattened an enemy with the repulsor, and it didn’t count. Having to redo challenges because they don’t track properly isn’t acceptable.

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I have a challenge to kill Spartans returning their flag.

To me, the efficient way to earn this challenge would be to pick up the flag, and then immediately drop it waiting for an enemy player to come try to return it. I.e. I should not capture the flag as that goes against the goals of the challenge.

Like you said OP, these challenges do not promote healthy behavior.


I think the challenges need to be more generalized and mode specific like MCCs weekly decks are. MCCs challanges are not perfect but in most cases they do not adversely effect the game play. Very specific challenges like grappling an enemy, killing players returning a flag don’t make any sense. Challenges should be something players can work on and progress through with some effort. Having to go out of your way in a match to do a challenge does not make sense. It should not take above average players 12+ hours a week to do all of the weekly challenges plus money for purchasing challenge swaps if needed.

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100% agree with most here. They need to make the challenges more general so they can be done without having to basically throw the game or play in a way that hurts your team.

I am hoping they take the MCC approach and make these challenges tolerable. It’s no fun playing now as it feels like I am grinding a second job.

I just recently finished all my weekly challenges and it was so much fun to play matches afterwards trying to go for the win instead of some obscure challenge.


Do you know how hard it actually is to get a kill with the Ravager? I can get 20+ kills in a BTB game but give me a Ravager and well, I got 1 in 3 games. That was an atrocious weekly, but honestly I don’t hate it. It’s good to have challenges that are challenging and are weapon based.

Now this whole challenge of get 3 wins in a certain gametype but that gametype is not being played??? Where’s my Veto option from Halo 3. I want to Veto maps/gametypes.

Yea the mode specific ones are garbage. I had to get 3 kills in Slayer, and I got 5 Stockpiles in a row, plus a handful of Total Control and CTF before I got a single slayer match.

I got a friend who needs Oddball wins, but we just keep getting CTF in Arena after like 8 games.

It’s pretty -Yoink!- stupid honestly.

I wish I was playing with you. My challenges (thought everyone had the same) are getting 3 wins in Total Control, 3 wins in Stockpile, and 10 hill captures. But instead I keep getting Slayer and CTF so I don’t even care. I just slay with power weapons.