Weekly challenge system does not promote healthy playing and needs urgent review

127 matchmade games.

I still have 3 weekly challenges to complete to even just activate the ultimate reward challenge, which then requires a further 15 PvP matches to complete. I know we’re all getting the visor next week anyway but is it going to be like this every week?!

I can only imagine at this point they’re trying to push the sale of weekly challenge swaps.

This is awful practice. Please change the weekly challenges to make them more reasonable.

This is the reason only 0.21% of gamers have managed to complete the ‘limited time’ weekly challenge achievement despite several days of the beta already and most of those would have been spenders (0.09% of players have completed the full battle pass).

Edit: I finally completed this week’s limited time challenge after 148 matchmade games.

I actually went into games 149 and 150 smiling. I knew I could relax, not think about chasing challenges and just play to win. The overall experience has been too draining though - I can’t grind like this every week to unlock the limited time challenge reward as it’s neither sustainable nor healthy.


I just hit level 50 on Battle Pass and I’m still stuck with Destroy an Enemy Scorpion. That should tell you a lot. I never see them spawn, or if they do, my team gets it, or someone else destroys it. Honestly can’t even imagine how many matches I’ve played now. Thing is, I don’t even want the visor. It’s just the principle of completing the challenges.


This, challenges in general do not suit Halo, commendations worked because they were forever and didn’t impact anything.

How hard was it to simply pull the battle pass from MCC and put it into Infinite, that would have worked pretty spot on, even the challenges


Agreed. I thought they would have learned more from MCC. I know it took awhile to get down, but at this point it does a heck of lot right. You’d think more of it’s systems would be used.


I REALLY don’t like the challanges in this game at all. They are a boring -Yoink!- slog, and if every week is going to be like this then Halo Infinite is going to be like peoples second job BY DESIGN.

I hate it.


We don’t want players to play a ton to get everything and just have fun, but then turns around and makes the progression extremely slow and the challenges luck based and counter to gameplay. So even though we paid for the Battle pass it’s going to take 100+ hours to complete it and more than half the time we are going around matches looking to complete challenges instead of actually playing the game.

Yeah the game needs some serious improvement. I want to try and unlock everything I can, but when unlocking everything requires people to just do challenges instead of playing there needs to be some changes.

They need to take a look at how MCC does their challenges and go off that. It’s fair there and you don’t ever have to go out if your way to complete them except for the ranked wins because I don’t usually like ranked. It also feels like you are being rewarded for just enjoying the game instead of how infinite does it where it feels like we’re being punished.


The thing is people will defend this but it’s not just an issue with progression. The way this system is set up is already having a tangible effect on gameplay, with people completely ignoring objectives to chase whatever challenges they have available to them in the current match. Challenges in games can and should be used to promote positive behaviour and dissuade negative, you shouldn’t reward people for completely ignoring the objective and punish people for playing the game properly, that’s just bad design.

Moreover engaging with this system just isn’t fun. The challenges are menial and impermanent so there’s no sense of accomplishment to be had (nor bragging rights) and getting put into matches where you physically cannot progress because none of your current challenges apply to the match you’re in is just frustrating. Playing matches and getting absolutely 0 progress towards your progression isn’t fun.


Agreed. I thought they would have learned more from MCC.

I think they’ve learned plenty from MCC. The fact of the matter is if they could have gotten away with putting a system like this in the MCC they probably would have done so. I doubt that any of the issues here are accidental or unexpected, the whole system is designed to frustrate people into paying for gear, levels and boosts. It’s almost certainly why they went F2P in the first place.


I don’t think the frustrate people into paying will work out as well as they think. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think a little frustration goes a long way, but too much and you alienate a lot of people you wanted to get money from. Also, and again I could be wrong, but I think $2 for a challenge swap won’t be as profitable as say $.5. sure, they’d make less for each sold, but I can see a heck of lot more people justifying a 50 cent purchase for something small like that.


I can’t even fathom how you’ve reached level 50 already. I’m only at 22 and I even bought 6 ranks because I had some leftover points

Exactly! And I know some people will use the defense that your incentive should just be to play to have fun, but by default there is almost no customization, so if people want to customize, even if they want to play to have fun, they have to go for the progression. And if you’ve purchased the premium pass, but are ignoring it, then that’s $10 wasted. So no one who bought the pass is going to ignore progression.


The problems multiply when you play in party, since you and your teammates have different challenges and you need to figure out the specific Playlist path so all of you can progress.


Yeah a lot of people have been suggesting switching XP gain to be based on Score, which i really like. The score algorithm is great, and that way there’s less overhaul work for 343. They should just give you one tenth of your score for each match you complete.


I agree OP, and I appreciate the quote from 343i about their vision of challenges which we can directly compare to what is in the game now.

I’ve currently got two Legendary challenges requiring several kills with a Ghost/Chopper’s turrets. I am considering using challenge swaps on them, but I’d first like to hear from someone that swapped out a similar challenge and what they received in return.


I want to ask something. How do you know what’s a Legendary challenge, @JB_Linken? Is it a vivid blue?

@G2BattleConvoy In game they are colored Grey (200 XP), Blue (250 XP) and Brighter Blue (300 XP)

However if you check your challenges on the website (not sure about the app) they are categorized as Normal (Grey), Heroic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange).

I usually have my challenges up on another screen so I can reference them when I’m in a game.

Here’s the fun part: You have no reason to play the objective or win. Just run around doing challenges or else you’re not getting your money’s worth.

By not giving XP for getting kills, capping objectives, winning, 343 has incentivized the playebase to pretty much just forsake their team for doing Challenges.


Yeah I prefer just playing matches to give experiance. I dont like being told how to play the game especially when 90% of the time I will be playing ranked. If I try to complete challenges in ranked I wont play as well. I mean this game is good enough on it’s own. I dont need “meaningless” tasks to give me something to do.


I really hope they listen and change it so players are rewarded for there efforts like in 5


Any challenge that isn’t something that you can get relatively organically is going to hurt the gameplay. Additionally, until playlists are expanded upon there shouldn’t be any challenges you can’t get in any mode.

I have no idea how they went from the generally simple challenges of the MCC to what we have here.