Weekly challenge skin was such a mix of emotions

So, I finally got the 5 killing sprees in fiesta to finish the week. Unlocked the skin and expected it to be the event armor only. Was pleasantly surprised to find out it worked on the MK7, and it looks really cool since it uses a variety of colors tastefully as well as uses shiny and matte materials to overall create a rather complete look that would be impossible with the old 2-color system. I even went and bought one of the hcs packs that has a visor that goes well with it.

…and then I notice it puts flowers on the under suit.

At first I thought it was just dirt, I mean, the coating puts a lot of dirt on quite a lot of the armor. But no, its flowers to mimic like a kimono under the armor or something. Even puts it on the ‘spine’ of the suit.

This was rather disapointing. This is a genuinly nice skin, but the flowers just feel really silly. What are the odds the 343 production gods are going to produce the same coating without the flowers? It just looks weird on spartan armor, especially non-japanese styled spartan armor.

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I’m more mad that it’s restricted to one armor core, so annoying.

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